Top Sites for Free and Affordable Music & Sound Effects

June 28, 2017

It’s tough to find music and sound effects for your film due to copyright issues and high prices. So, we decided to do some research to find sites that you can use on your next project!


VidoeBlocks/AudioBlocks: You may know VideoBlocks as a great source to get footage for your films; however, they also have an audio/sound effect section on their platform.  If you are a pro on our site, you get a FREE 7 day trial on our Resource page to try them out!

Free Music Archive: This is an entire website of music for free! You can search by name of a song, genre, what’s charting, and curators. The site itself is easy to navigate and has a ton of music (albeit from lesser-known artists).

Youtube OnStage: Youtube has an audio library of both free music and sound effects. It works a lot like Youtube, where you can search for different artists and choose who to follow. It also allows you to create your own libraries, playlists, and videos if you create a channel.

Musicbed: While this site has a huge library of music available, they all cost money and can be expensive. You do have a lot of options for sorting through the music including genre, artist, mood, characteristics and more.  If you are using only a short section of the sound, sometimes music bed will negotiate a cheaper price. So, don’t be afraid to ask them!


Phil Michalski: The industry sound designer built this site to give filmmakers access to sound effects for free (when he can) and cheap (when he can’t). Right now the available sounds seem limited to science-fiction sounds, but the site is young and it could easily expand in the future.

Zapsplat: Here you can get a lot of different sound effects for free. These include Animal noises, bell sounds, and cartoon sound effects. The library is impressively big, and also has music for free.

FreeSound: This is probably my favorite site. It has a huge library of free sounds and It also has forums if you need help finding something.

Finding the right sound is critical for making a film. Hopefully, these sites will help you find the sounds you need for your next awesome work of art!

Looking for more resources like this? Check out our Resources page on our website!


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