Name It: Haunted House Movies

October 13, 2014

You might be thinking, is every scary movie ever not a haunted house movie technically? I mean how many movies come out every year where some family moves into a house that is clearly full of dead things, weird rooms, exceptionally creepy dolls or hallways that occasionally whisper?

Well, any of those movies count, but some more than others. Many horror films like to make the case that the house at the heart of the film is almost the main character. The haunting or possessing element of the story could go away, if the characters were not hypnotized and drawn in by some old relic of a home.

You know, the movies where as soon as one dead girl shows up or even as soon as the real estate agent just mentions that said girl became dead in the house years ago, you find yourself screaming at the screen, “Just walk away now!!” I mean no one’s clocks are supposed to just stop at the same time every night. That’s not a maintenence problem, you got ghosts.

So for this, our second Monday in October, we ask you to name your best haunted house movies!



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