Pitch Your Work-in-Progress to Industry Executives at BSDFF

November 30, 2014


Thursday, February 12th 2015


Apply to ‘pitch’ your work-in-progress film and sizzle reel to a panel of industry executives. Past panelists include HBO, BBC Storyville, ITVS, POV, The Fledgling Fund, Chicken & Egg Pictures, Cinereach, CNN Docs & Partipant Media. Submissions are officially open



FEBRUARY 9TH – 13TH 2015

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival’s DocShop is an industry focused feature offering documentary filmmakers opportunities for networking, discussions and professional development. The DocShop brings industry decision makers and experts to  discuss and learn about what matters most in the world of documentary film.  Starting in 2015, every year will focus on a slice of the industry embracing change and growth.

In 2015, our DocSHOP FOCUS will be DISTRIBUTION. How films reach their audience is changing everyday. There are new outlets, technologies and advancements that make connections possible like never before. The 2015 BSDFF DocShop will focus on informing the filmmaker of all the possibilities, and connecting filmmakers with distributors to work with and learn from. Along with the pitch we are anticipating one-on-one sessions with distributors, panels, workshops and an INTERACTIVE exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum.

Details will be available in early 2015.


COMPLETION DATE‭: ‬Films of any completion date are‭ ‬eligible for submission‭. ‬Big Sky does not have any premiere requirements‭. ‬However‭, ‬the festival does take previous screenings and broadcasts into consideration when making its official selections‭, ‬particularly when films have already screened in Montana‭.  ‬

LANGUAGE‭: ‬DVD preview screeners and exhibition prints must either be in English or have English subtitles‭.‬

ROUGH CUTS‭: ‬Rough cuts are accepted for entry‭. ‬If you submit a rough cut‭, ‬we cannot guarantee that the‭ ‬programmers will be able to review an updated cut at a later date‭. ‬If you are submitting a rough cut‭, ‬make sure it is indicated‭ ‬as such on your submission copy‭. ‬Include intended final running time and work remaining to be completed with your entry‭. ‬Big Sky‭ ‬does not exhibit works-in-progress at the festival‭. ‬Films must be completed by January 15‭, ‬2015‭ ‬in order to be screened‭.‬

EXHIBITION FORMATS‭: ‬You must have one of the following formats available by January 15‭, ‬2015‭, ‬if accepted‭, ‬for screening at the‭ ‬festival‭.  ‬

HIGH DEFINITION‭ – ‬35mm‭, ‬Blu-Ray‭, ‬or Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬file‭. ‬

STANDARD DEFINITION‭ – ‬DVD or Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬file‭. ‬

FESTIVAL NOTIFICATION‭: ‬Notification will be sent by email or phone to the contact listed on the entry form by mid-December 2014‭.‬‭ ‬You are responsible for updating Big Sky directly regarding any change to your contact information and ensuring that emails from‭ programming@bigskyfilmfest.org are not blocked by spam filters‭.  ‬

SUBMISSION FORMAT‭: ‬Big Sky requires ONE‭ (‬1‭) ‬DVD or Blu-Ray NTSC‭ (‬Region 1‭ ‬or 0‭) ‬or PAL format disc‭. ‬Include the film title‭, ‬running time‭, ‬and format‭ (‬NTSC or PAL‭) ‬on your disc‭.  ‬Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬files are also acceptable for entry on a USB device or data disc‭ (‬DVD‭, ‬CD‭, ‬or Blu-Ray‭). ‬Submission materials will NOT be returned‭. ‬

Online screeners must include a link to the film and the password in this form‭. ‬

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival takes the “Terms and Conditions” below very seriously.  If you are not prepared to have your film screened at the event in February 2015, DO NOT ENTER.  Please read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully.  If you have questions or concerns, please email them to <programming@bigskyfilmfest.org>.

To Submit, Visit: https://bigskydocumentaryfilmfestival.submittable.com/submit


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