Introducing Actor Pragathi Yadhati

May 10, 2016

How did you get inspired to become an actor?

I have been a dancer and have been performing since I was 4 year old. I also started writing poetry when I was in high school. I did computer science engineering in college, I loved computers and also my parents paved my way to do masters in computer engineering. I was always learning various forms of dance and performing alongside. Though I was doing masters I was passionate about art and when I saw plays, I got goosebumps. When I realized that actions speak more than words, I learnt that I should act and express what I feel. I wanted to film my poems. I feel movies are more powerful medium in showing what we are deep with in. The idea of If as a poet I express humanness in words, as an actress I can express it through actions which will touch, move, inspire more people. I was inspired watching plays in New York City and then I was introduced to world cinema when I joined film & theatre school. That’s it, I quit computer science engineering and got hooked to acting.

Pragathi Yadhati

What is your favorite part about the short film form?

It is very precise and is very impactful. Also it’s one form creativity to tell a story in few minutes.

Who were the people that supported the making of this film?

The director who also believes, “Art is a human activity, consisting in this, that one man consciously, by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he-she has lived through, and that other people are infected by these feelings, and also experience them”

What is your next project?

I’m playing the lead actress in a Bollywood movie called “The Ring Around The Rose” which is also made in English, French, Malayalam, Telugu etc. languages. It is a mystical suspense thriller. There hasn’t been any movies like sixth sense and this one kinda falls under that genre. It is an international film and definitely a festival movie.

Which filmmakers, artists or individuals have most influenced your work?

There are many to quote. Godard’s films influenced me the most. Though Commercial cinema rules in India, when I was growing up I was attracted to alternate cinema, especially the ones directed by Shyam Benegal who is from my hometown. I have written two feature scripts that are ready to be made into art films.

I’m excited about my upcoming movie. It has many unique qualities and is being considered for the Guinness Book of World Records for the way it is filmed. It is the first language agnostic movie ever made. I can’t reveal more things about it yet but I can say I’m playing a very challenging role where I have to be very subtle about portraying the qualities of the character.

Watch “Sillage” here

Check out Pragathi Yadhati’s Imdb page here.

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