These Pro8 Shorts are Winners

July 25, 2017

We wrapped an awesome Pro8MM On-Line One Roll Super8 Film Challenge this week! Here are the winners:

So Refined

Watch So Refined by Elie Al Hajj

Elie Al Hajj’s one minute short took home first place!

“It was a bit risky for it to work because I live in Belarus and the closest company that sells super 8 films is in Berlin. I  needed the film to be ready so fast so that I post it online and show the world and super 8 fans that it is not an amateur format and you can do magic in the hands of a good camera operator and a beautiful location. This is the first time I’ve entered this competition and I am happy to be one of the 20 finalists.”

The Greatest Show On Earth

Watch The Greatest Show On Earth by Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy’s existential meditation on the universe took home second place.

“The challenge with this and any film is persistence and staying true to your vision. The triumph has been watching the message spread across the world from Harrisonburg, VA to Mark, Germany and now the Audience Awards. Participating in the Audience Awards has been thrilling. The possibility and opportunity of being viewed by such a large audience is something I never dreamed of.”


Tristan Wainwright took home third place with his piece reflecting on the state of the earth. 

“It was very challenging working with Super8. First I had to use my body to tell the story, to make Earthman physically display emotion. Because I have Autism and Cerebral Palsy there were difficulties that I had to overcome especially physically. The spinning across that field was very hard for me. In the small place I live, having access to learn about these type of contests and have my work seen by so many people probably wouldn’t be possible without a sight like the Audience Awards.”


A big thank you to all of the filmmakers who presented work for the festival, and hearty congratulations to our winners!



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