PureWest Real Estate Video Contest is up and running!

October 15, 2015

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There are 9 films competing in the two PureWest Real Estate Video Contests that are currently open for watching and voting on The Audience Awards. Laura O’Connor, Chief Financial and Operating Officer ​and Sammi Johnson, Marketing Director, gave AudNews the inside look at the contests!

What is the PureWest Real Estate Video Contest?

The PureWest Real Estate Video Showdown is a contest amongst Flathead and Mission Valley High Schools to see who can make the best video on why it’s amazing to live in Northwest Montana. The schools submitted videos that will be ultimately judged by panel. A total of $12,000 of cash prize money will be awarded to the schools. We also have a fun second competition going between the students. They were able to submit their own video to The Audience Awards with the voting to be held online with prizes going to the top three.

Still from Reece Brandon's "Immerse Yourself in Northwest Montana" PureWest Real Estate

Still from Reece Brandon’s “Immerse Yourself in Northwest Montana”

What inspired you to hold this contest?

The PureWest Real Estate Video Showdown is an opportunity for us to engage with a unique and distinct demographic in our area —kids, their families and the school systems! And, as we’re tapping new technologies and video, we thought it’d be awesome to see what talent lies within our school system and reward them, give back and host a super fun contest that is a vehicle for PureWest Real Estate to give back in a big way.

What are the goals of PureWest Real Estate?

We are looking to connect with a demographic we haven’t necessarily directly interacted with before, host a fun, engaging community-driven contest and give back to the school systems. Our company’s mission is to create “Relationships for Life” and this is just one more way we support that mission.

Still from "Polson High School" purewest

Still from “Polson High School”

What is your favorite part about Northwest Montana?

Seasons! Distinct seasons with a variety of outdoor activities, events and rituals in each.

Are you looking to make the contest a regular event?

This is something we’d definitely like to replicate once we see how the success goes with this one. So far so good! We also might take this statewide and host a contest spanning Montana.

What makes the PureWest Real Estate Video Contest unique?

Two distinct competitions and money going back to deserving technology departments who are teaching kids state-of-the-art production skills.

You can view and vote for the school submissions here.

You can view and vote for the student submissions here.

Visit the PureWest Real Estate website here.

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