REVOLT's Short & Fresh: HBCU Film Contest

REVOLT TV’s Short & Fresh Contest

August 19, 2022

Want a chance to have your short film featured on REVOLT TV’s Short and Fresh?

If you’re a current film student or past alumni of a historically black college or university (HBCU), then you need to submit to REVOLT TV’s Short and Fresh Contest. This is a great opportunity to not only stream your short film on REVOLT TV, but REVOLT will choose up to 10 films that will receive $50 per minute. 

REVOLT TV is a digital cable television network that showcases Hip Hop culture, R&B and rap music, and social justice news. REVOLT is the voice of the culture across platforms, engaging Millennial and Gen Z audiences on, social, television and live events, and through original and live content. Over 50 million young people check them out; plus, REVOLT is available 24/7 on digital, TV, and on demand. 

REVOLT TV’s Short & Fresh has spotlighted aspiring filmmakers for four years, and they’re ready to do it again but with a twist. They want to highlight those film students and alumni from HBCU’s and how those filmmakers are changing the game one film at a time.

Short & Fresh is REVOLT TV’s short-film program. Each monthly installment features dope short films from a diverse range of rising filmmakers across all genres (comedy, drama, action, suspense, musical, thriller, experimental, art house, etc.). Episodes premiere on the REVOLT television network and are featured on REVOLT’s On Demand platform, and filmmakers are promoted within the program and on social media.

Let’s break the contest down, so you know exactly what you need to do, when the submission deadline is, and when you can expect to know who the winners are.

REVOLT's Short & Fresh: HBCU Film Contest

What are the submission requirements?

You need to create a short film, ranging from 5- to 40-minutes in length, that is told through the Hip Hop culture lens or Black Excellence. Any genre is acceptable or format, meaning you could do a short narrative, animation, documentary, etc, but your film must be told through the lens of Hip Hop culture or Black Excellence.

What does REVOLT mean by Hip Hop? Hip Hop is more than a music genre. It’s a lifestyle. The voice of The Culture worldwide. Unapologetic. Disruptive. NSFW. Birthed from the streets and transcends race. Music. Social Justice. Comedy. Sports. Lifestyle. Tech. Fashion. Art . . . and more.

What are the prizes?

Up to 10 winning short films will receive a non-exclusive television, VOD distribution deal, and will premiere on REVOLT’s Short & Fresh: HBCU Edition. Additionally, the winners will receive a payment prize based on film duration, which is calculated at $50 per minute of content with a 5-minute minimum and 40-minute maximum.

When is the submission deadline?

The submission deadline will hit the calendar September 30, so don’t wait to submit and take a chance at winning. You never know until you submit and put your skin in the game.

When will the winners be announced?

REVOLT TV will review all films and choose up to 10 films to stream on their network and pay $50 per minute. Winners will be announced October 3.

Got questions?

If you have questions about the contest, terms, prizes, or deadlines, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to answer any questions and help you have a successful submission. We’re thrilled to see your films and share in this exciting contest! 

If you’d like quick links, check out REVOLT’s Short and Fresh: HBCU Film Contest FAQ. You can find the Terms of the contest here.

Learn more and Submit.




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