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How to Use Video Marketing to Tell Your Brand’s Story

August 10, 2022

How can you use video marketing to tell your brand’s story?

Video marketing is the number one way to engage an audience, generate leads, and increase sales for a business. If you’re not using video in your marketing, you’re missing out on an efficient and effective marketing tool to tell your brand’s story. 

When you use video in marketing, you need to utilize emotion to inspire and engage your audience to connect with your product or service. Ultimately, you would tell your brand’s story or use a customer’s inspirational story to bridge between your brand and your audience’s emotional experience. 

An example of using video marketing to create an emotional connection between brand and audience can be seen in this video for Blue Ventures by Gabriel Diamond

Blue Ventures tells its brand’s story of being a marine conservation organization and how they help the planet by assisting rural communities, rebuilding fisheries, and restoring ocean life.



Now, what about using video to tell your brand’s story? What are the most important elements to include in your video? Let’s take some time and answer those questions. Plus, we’ll discuss how AudPop can help you create the most effective and eye-catching video for your marketing campaign.

What are the most important elements of telling a story through video?

It’s beneficial to consider what you’ll include in your video and how to implement those elements. Picturing the video and how you wish it to look and what you actually create may be miles apart. We’ve created a list of the most important elements, so you can make sure to produce the best video for your marketing.

  • What’s your brand’s story? Thoroughly develop your brand’s story. There are many stories you could choose to tell, but make sure you find the one that will resonate with your audience in an emotionally compelling way. 
  • Scriptwriting is essential. You must hire the right scriptwriter to tell the story. Your audience needs to feel connected to your story, product, or service to want to buy your product or service or engage with your brand.
  • Moving narrator and memorable music. Who will narrate your brand’s story? You’ll need a narrator that can actively pull people into your video, but make sure you’re showing your story, not just telling your story. Whether you have music in the forefront or background, your chosen music needs to be memorable. 
  • Get the right film crew and actors. Delivering high-quality and eye-catching footage is vital for your video to produce the desired results, so you need to hire the right film crew. If you’re including actors or actresses in your video, you’ll need to hire those that can pull off your brand’s inspirational story. 
  • Don’t forget your customers. Highlight how your brand’s products or services can help ease your audience’s lives, and that’s why they need you. 
  • Make sure your video tells your brand’s story. Make sure your video is recognizable as your brand’s story, with or without your brand’s name. 
Ultimately, time and consideration need to be amply applied to the creation and production of your video.

Video is paramount in engaging your audience, but it can also backfire if you throw together a video without giving it proper attention and development. Don’t miss your chance to make an unforgettable impression on your audience. 

How can video marketing be used to tell your brand’s story?

Considering that 78% of people watch online videos weekly, incorporating video in your marketing strategy is a must. Then when you add that 64% of people are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video, we’re starting to build a win-win situation. Video marketing is key to building your audience, generating leads, and increasing sales.

But how do you go about using video marketing to tell your brand’s story?

1. Share your video on social media.

Sharing your video on social media is a must, considering that people watch an average of 2.5 hours of video daily, and there are 4.48 billion people currently using social media worldwide. In addition, 88% of video marketers swear that YouTube is a beneficial platform, 68% for LinkedIn and Instagram, 65% for Facebook, and a solid 33% for TikTok. Video marketing is essential in gaining the most engagement on social media. 

2. A video quickly conveys your story.

Nowadays, people’s attention span is short, and they want information delivered quickly. This is where video can come in handy. You can create a high-quality, emotionally compelling video and engage your audience within a few seconds. 

3. Use video in your email marketing.

Social media isn’t the only way to share your video. You can embed or link to a video in your email. Doing this will help engage your followers and potential customers. Adding video to your emails can have a 51% conversion rate.

4. Video is ideal for search engine optimization.

You can also add your video to your blog or website and increase search engine optimization. Search engines love video, and using video will increase traffic and widen your engaged audience base. 

5. People love to share videos.

Every day social media users interact with 6.6 social media platforms regularly. People will share the video they love on social sites because it’s easy and fun to do. Instead of calling or texting someone about the fantastic video they just watched, people will click and share again and again. 

Black woman with others, drinking coffee, liking stuff on social media, and hearts and smiley emojis floating in the air.

Engaging with your audience in these ways, allows you to use video to tell your brand’s story. It’s simple, efficient, and imperative. It’s essential to use technology to its full potential–video is the best way to do that.

How can AudPop help you tell your brand’s story?

AudPop is the video marketing company you need to deliver your brand’s story in an effective and engaging way. We’re seasoned storytellers and video creatives. Plus, we have a 75K global creative community that comprises filmmakers, narrators, animators, actors/actresses, musicians, scriptwriters, and more. 

Basically, we’re an all-in-one video marketing company that can deliver.
  • We have access to the creatives you need. Our global creative community gives us access to a vast range of talented individuals. We can choose Premium Creatives from our direct-hire list for brands, or we can launch contests and campaigns to generate the high-quality content you need.
  • We’re seasoned video creatives ourselves. We’ve been in the video marketing industry for several years and know what we’re doing. And not only that, but we’re video creatives ourselves. We have hands-on experience, which enables us to assess the right feel and production needed for a brand’s marketing needs. 
  • Need a budget that fits your company? We’ve worked with big brands like Sony, Hilton, 21st Century Fox, GoDaddy, Dell, and more. But we’ve also worked with nonprofits and small businesses, so we know how to scale a budget that fits your marketing strategy. 

AudPop has everything you need to create, produce, and execute a dynamic and effective video marketing campaign. We can help you find your brand’s story and deliver it to the world. We’re adept at using content-production strategies, video-contest marketing, social media components, and managed services. We can be as involved as you’d like us to be. 

There’s no reason to wait. Reach out now. 


Again, why is it important to use video marketing to tell your brand’s story?

Considering the various statistics we’ve discussed, and what’s required to make an effective and engaging video, it’s essential to include video in your marketing campaign.

Again, 78% of people watch online videos weekly, and 64% of people are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video. Couple those statistics with the fact that people watch an average of 2.5 hours of video daily, and there are 4.48 billion people currently using social media worldwide. Why wouldn’t you use video to help jumpstart your brand into a household name?

Video marketing is key in gaining the most engagement on social media. 

People using social media are, on average, interacting with 6.6 social media platforms. Imagine all those people, on all those social media platforms, liking and sharing your brand’s video. All your video needs to do is grab their attention enough for them to like it, and they will take care of the rest. It’s like having a ready-made marketing plan in place with minimal effort.

Search engines love video, so you can increase engagement on all your sites when you add your video to your website, email marketing, blog, and social media.

AudPop is here to help.

We are primed to create an eye-catching video to deliver your brand’s story to everyone who sees it. Our experience and know-how are next to none because not only are we video creatives ourselves, but we have access to our 75K global creative community. Generating high-quality content is our everyday mission, and it comes naturally. How could it not? Our company is set up to engage talented creatives that deliver amazing content. We bank on obtaining incredible content from unexpected places, and we do it daily. 

Let’s sit down and discuss how we can help you create your best brand story via video. Being your one-stop for outstanding video production, we can scale a workable budget and produce fantastic videos for your company.

Don’t wait. Contact us today.


At AudPop, we’re filmmakers, designers, marketers, strategists, and writers. But mostly, we’re dreamers! Dreamers who believe stories can change the world. Our mission at AudPop is to connect partners with creators. Filmmakers with partners. Audiences with authentic stories to facilitate collaboration and change.

How do we do that exactly? It’s simple.

If you’re a partner or agency looking to create original premium video content, we’ve got you. We can connect you with over 75,000 diverse and talented filmmakers. Are you a filmmaker ready to share your stories with the world? We can connect you with partners and audiences hungry for quality, authentic content. Do you want to watch quality video content with real stories? We have over 12,000 videos from filmmakers from 190 countries. All with unique stories to tell.

Dreams start here—and together, we can make them come true. Check out AudPop.

Catherine Babbitt

Catherine Babbitt is a freelance writer of 10+ years, a novelist, and an avid storyteller. The topic scope of her writing is multifaceted and vast.

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