5 Things to Know About AudPop

August 25, 2022

What is AudPop all about?

AudPop is a community-driven video platform built by filmmakers who understand authentic storytelling for brands. We make getting video at scale affordable and straightforward. We support filmmakers and creators and offer brands access to our diverse creative community, which delivers videos that genuinely connect to their brand’s story and customer base. Basically, we’re a global video production company that not only values filmmakers and creators and wants to jumpstart their careers but also values businesses and their stories. And the great thing is we love doing what we do.

We know what it takes to make a mark in this world and what it’s like to sit on the fringes with incredible stories that need to be told.

Our founder, Paige Williams, started her filmmaking career by directing her first feature film, Mississippi Queen, about her experience growing up gay in the South with a devoutly religious family who ran an ex-gay ministry. Screening at over 100 film festivals and winning multiple festival awards, Williams’ experience of traveling the festival circuit and connecting with distributors and brands made her realize that filmmakers need the festival experience online.

Let’s take a quick behind-the-scenes look at AudPop.

Behind the Scenes with AudPop

AudPop’s Chief Creative Officer, Vivien Vitolo, is a commercial director who just directed her first short narrative film, Five Star Review. Five Star Review will premiere at ScreamFest in Los Angeles in October 2022. Once her film screens in LA and travels the film festival circuit, general audiences everywhere can watch this socio-psychological thriller short film. Below we’ve included two behind-the-scenes photos to get a glimpse at Five Star Review.

Vivien Vitolo directing camera person.          Camera crew filming actress walking down the sidewalk.

In addition to genre films, Vitolo created a digital non-scripted short series, Goodies, an AudPop original. Normally, a filmmaker would ask the worrisome question: “How do we greenlight it, get it into production, and screen it?” That’s why AudPop was created. We give filmmakers like us a chance at film distribution, getting hired for jobs, and generating more stories.

Gabriella Moses and Monique Efta taking a selfie. .         A man filming a small child for Sin Raíces film.

In the two photos above, our very own Monique Efta, a filmmaker by trade and AudPop’s Director of Client Relations got the opportunity to work with AudPop award-winning filmmaker Gabriella Moses on her new film Sin Raíces that showcased at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) this past June. We love to support and work with filmmakers, and we’re thrilled about Moses’ success.

AudPop is a platform for videos and films to hit the world without constraints.

One of our primary goals is to find fantastic content from unexpected places and connect those films and makers to opportunities. And we do just that. We’ve awarded over $10M to creators since 2013 and worked with over 500 brand customers, and we’re not planning on stopping. We love connecting creators to brands, so they can tell great stories.

“AudPop has built a global network of video storytellers from towns and communities around the world. Boots on the ground with cameras on their shoulders. I think every business should tap the AudPop network and blow their projects up!”Lynn Casey, Shine Scout

What are 5 things you need to know about AudPop?

We’ve compiled a quick list of things you need to know about us and what we do as a video marketing production company. Whether you’re a creative looking to jumpstart your career or a brand looking to generate amazing video marketing content, AudPop is your one-stop.

1. Our video library is astounding.

We have a video submission platform that is next to none and thousands of short films in various genres to view. You can view past campaigns, search our video library, or search for a particular filmmaker or creative.  Love horror films? We’ve got you covered. LGBTQ, music, or documentary films? Check!

2. Great membership options for creators.

When you sign up on our platform, our Basic membership gets you a video creator portfolio, 720p uploads, 360° video compatibility, and basic video stats like views, votes, and shares. You can also post videos directly to your social platforms from our site and see who voted for your videos. Upgrading to Pro membership has more benefits like free entry into our contests and challenges, password protection for sharing control, 1080p and 4K uploads, and advanced video stats where you can see plays, votes, shares, watch times, comments, and downloads. You also get access to social-sharing stats and play-through reports,  and authority over who can see, comment, download, or embed your video.

3. Premium Status direct-hire list.

We love to elevate great talent to success, which brings us to our direct-hire list of Premium Creators. To qualify for Premium Status, you must submit your work for review and meet our high standards. Once your work is approved, we add you to our direct-hire list for brands. In some cases, we offer Premium Status for winners of particular contests and challenges and automatically add you to our direct-hire list for brands.

4. Variety of video production services for brands.

We are versatile in brand services and offer video contest marketing, social media components, and content-production strategies. Additionally, we offer managed services for a more hands-on approach and original content-production partnerships. We know how to find the unique talent your company is looking for.

“The best video content for the right price. Everyone should use them over and over.” – Michael Turner, Dell Monitor Product Manager

5. Marketing production budgets that meet your company’s needs.

We’ve worked with different-sized companies, ranging from big brands like Sony, 21st Century Fox, Hilton, and Dell to nonprofits and small businesses. We offer great marketing plans for any-sized budget.


How can AudPop help you as a brand or a creator?

Easy, just give us a call, and let’s talk about it. We’re here to help, and we’re good at what we do. We offer continuous opportunities for creators to jumpstart their careers and utilize a streaming platform to showcase their work. And we offer highly-effective and high-quality marketing production for brands.

We’ve held numerous contests and challenges over the years and have gathered a 75K global creative community, ranging from filmmakers to animators to voiceover artists. Creating a platform for creators to utilize has allowed us to find fantastic content from unexpected places.

“AudPop is a big sticky web of opportunities I’m more than happy to get caught up in. I’ve found it to be a great place to expand my network and find inspiration.” – Michael Savisky, Make Roots Executive Producer

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to look where you haven’t looked before to find the stories that can deliver a profound connection to your audience. Again and again, we continue to see work that is astoundingly needed and high-quality.

Give us a call, and let’s discuss what AudPop can do for your marketing campaign. Or, if you’re a creative, submit your work to one of our contests or campaigns. Or take it a step further and submit your work for review to be added to our Premium Creative list.

Don’t hesitate. Reach out. We’re here to help. 



At AudPop, we’re filmmakers, designers, marketers, strategists, and writers. But mostly, we’re dreamers! Dreamers who believe stories can change the world. Our mission at AudPop is to connect partners with creators. Filmmakers with partners. Audiences with authentic stories to facilitate collaboration and change. How do we do that exactly? It’s simple. If you’re a partner or agency looking to create original premium video content, we’ve got you. We can connect you with over 75,000 diverse and talented filmmakers. Are you a filmmaker ready to share your stories with the world? We can connect you with partners and audiences hungry for quality, authentic content. Do you want to watch quality video content with real stories? We have over 12,000 videos from filmmakers from 190 countries. All with unique stories to tell. Dreams start here—and together, we can make them come true. Check out AudPop.

Catherine Babbitt

Catherine Babbitt is a freelance writer of 10+ years, a novelist, and an avid storyteller. The topic scope of her writing is multifaceted and vast.

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