Presenting Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

September 8, 2016

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

Where is you festival located?

Sheffield, in the United Kingdom.

What is your film festival’s mission?

To genuinely inspire people through adventure film and photography.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival


What role does your film festival play in supporting your film’s community?

The festival provides an important meeting place for the public to meet filmmakers athletes, sponsors and other industry folk in an informal and friendly manner. It provides filmmakers with a valuable outlet for their work. The new festival website works like no other, integrating the above groups to provide powerful back and forth conversation potential.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival


What is something people look forward to every year at your film festival?

The craic. ShAFF is above all, a fun event, now forming the social hub of Sheffield’s Outdoor Weekender.

How long has your film festival been around?

2017 will be its 12th year.

How did your film festival come into being?

I started to rent films from the Kendal Mountain Film Festival to screen in Sheffield as I thought there was an appetite. I was right!

What do you want audiences to take away from your film festival?

I want them to be inspired, if not to go and try out a new adventure or extreme sport, then to go somewhere new and have adventures themselves.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival


Anything else you’d like to tell the audience about your festival?

Sheffield is an amazing place to visit. It’s unique on a global scale in that you can be right in the heart of one of the busiest, most vibrant national parks in the world, and twenty minutes later be right in the heart of the city watching films at one of the biggest independent cinemas outside of London. As a result there is a great community of people who live here…

When does your film festival run?

March. In 2017 it will be March 17-19.

Check out the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival website here.

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