Short Films Celebrate Indigenous Stories- Indigenous Narrative Film Challenge

Short Films Celebrate Indigenous Stories

February 22, 2021

AudPop’s Indigenous Narrative Film Challenge celebrates 19 Indigenous stories. The Film Challenge concluded this week and the top three winning films have been selected.

Back in November, AudPop announced the Indigenous Narrative Film Challenge in celebration of November’s Native American Culture & Heritage Month in the United States. AudPop invited filmmakers to submit their short films telling stories from Native American, Hawaiian Pacific Islanders, and First Nations of Canada perspectives. The block of short films submitted to the challenge tell powerful Indigenous stories shaped by heritage and culture, featuring Native American art, lessons presented through poetry and dance and preserving endangered Native American languages. Watch the full block of Indigenous Narrative films here.

The top films will receive Premium Filmmaker Status and a non-exclusive distribution deal. The winning film will receive a year of Adobe Premiere Pro! Below are the top three winners:

In First Place, Notaxe by Trent Jaklitsch
First Place- Notaxe by Trent Jaklitsch

First Place Indigenous Narrative Film- Notaxe by Trent Jaklitsch

When we’re absorbed by the love of our craft we’re often carried away by it. For Philip, this happens when he rides saddle buck. His experience is shaped by his Cheyenne heritage.

In Second Place, Dig It If You Can by Kyle Bell
Dig It If You Can by Kyle Bell

Second Place Indigenous Narrative Film- Dig It If You Can by Kyle Bell

We get up close and personal with Steven Paul Judd, the dynamic and bold 21st century renaissance man. This self-taught artist’s love for pop culture and Native American art has given him a massive following. This insightful portrait shows how Judd indigenizes the popular everyday to allow our young to see themselves in all aspects of life, while at the same time making his own dreams a reality through his passion and zest for life.

In Third Place, Ka tatishtipatakanit by Isabelle Kanapé
Ka tatishtipatakanit by Isabelle Kanapé

Third Place Indigenous Narrative Film- Ka tatishtipatakanit by Isabelle Kanapé

A man spreads rumors about a local elder. To be forgiven, he will be put to the test. Ka tatishtipatakanit (Ethereal) is a poetic lesson about respect.

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