That’s a wrap! Here are the Hilton Home2 Suites contest winners

March 7, 2017

Hilton Home2 Suites Fresh New Way to $17,000 for filmmakers

Hilton Home2 Suites asked filmmakers to submit shorts which showed a fresh take on ordinary things and that’s exactly what they got. Out of submissions ranging from a Fresh New Way to create a married name to taking out the trash, the jury chose three very deserving winners.

In first place is The Accordion Translator: 50 seconds of hilarity – and a Fresh New Way to look at a job interview. A very confused prospect is asked questions like, “Are you a team player?” while an accordionist sings an interpretation of what that question actually means. The script is so clever and the actors so good, we’d all been rooting for this film to win. The Hilton Home2 jury obviously saw what Audience Awards saw and we couldn’t be happier.

Accordion Translator

Watch, The Accordion Translator by Andrew Patterson

Filmmaker Andrew Patterson appreciated the Fresh New Way call to action. “I loved the challenge of taking something that happens all the time and having an unexpected twist. I always think it’s funny when one character actually says exactly what they’re thinking, no subtext.” Add singing and an accordion and you’ve apparently got Hilton gold. Patterson won $7,000 for his innovative look at interviews. “I love that it’s open to all levels of filmmakers,” he says. “And I love that the quality of the idea is what wins out! I personally plan on making many more films with Audience Awards!” We can’t wait to see what he submits next!

In second place, and just as clever, was Tommy Wooldridge’s Fresh Spin with Home2 Suites. Though not in the contest requirements, Wooldridge’s short pointed directly to Home2 Suites. His main character, Delvin Coley, goes through many examples of how he does things… differently. From brushing his teeth (using a drill) to writing emails to his mother (holding the keyboard like a guitar), Delvin proves that he’s just the kind of guy who thinks outside the box. He’s adorable, especially when he ties in Home2 Suites at the end (“You know it’s sweet when it’s got ‘Suite’ in the name.”).


Watch, Fresh Spin with Home2 Suites by Tommy Wooldridge

Wooldridge is a second-time Audience Awards participant and will be putting the $3,000 he won toward making a short family film called Dog Gone. His is just the kind of success story we’re talking about when we say Audience Awards helps you fund your dreams. He’s just as in love with the Audience Awards experience as we are with him. “I love seeing the votes pour in from my family, friends and complete strangers. My favorite part is seeing the submissions from my fellow filmmakers across the world. Every submission had a completely different take on ‘Fresh New Way.’ It’s inspiring. There’s so much creativity on this site, and that’s what the world needs more of right now.”


Watch, Stroke of Inspiration by Andrew Coleman

Third place was a departure from comedy. Andrew Coleman’s Stroke of Inspiration was just that. A sort of day-in-the-life of the artist’s struggle, it is a lovely example of those unexpected creative catalysts. Coleman’s desire was to “make something about the artistic process of repeatedly failing and that mounting frustration before something inspires you and that final piece of the puzzle falls into place.” His puzzle earned him $2,000.

Each of the five honorable mentions took home $1,000. Watch them all here and keep your eye out for the next Hilton Home2 contest!


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