The Audience has spoken! The Arizona Short Film winners have been awarded $600 and received over 480 film views!

September 21, 2015

The Arizona short film showcase has come to a close with over 440 votes and the incredible exposure of 483 film views! The film contest, hosted by The Audience Awards, awarded $600 in cash prizes to the short films shot in or about the state of Arizona.

In first place with a  short that will tug on your heartstrings, is a poetic narrative from the perspective of a dog, and a metaphor for life with a disability. A Life of Your Choosing had 200 views and won $300.

Arizona short film video contest

“A Life of Your Choosing” by Miles Levin

“The Audience Awards gave me an opportunity to find out exactly how much support I had for my filmmaking career. I had no idea so many friends would take time out of their day to help me out, it was massively fulfilling. When the network you have, and the network you discover steps up to the plate on Audience Awards, you feel like you can accomplish anything” ~Miles Levin

Tommy came in second with a thrilling film where a young boy is rescued from the monster in his closet by a girl who faces his demons. Tommy by Alex Beaver is the winner of $200.

Arizona short film video contest

“Tommy” By Alex Beaver

“I think the value of The Audience Awards for me and my film is that I get to share my film with others and also compete in different contests. Also I like that The Audience Awards is a great place to discover new films”~ Alex Beaver

In third place, winning $100 is Creamen. Creamen starts of as a cute and colorful short featuring ice cream, but quickly becomes a symbolic story about the global warming crisis as the ice creams are forced to confront devastating heat together.

Arizona short film video contest

“Creamen” By Esther Casas Roura

“The Audience Awards is unique because films are picked by the audiences. Viewers can connect with the filmmakers online and filmmakers can engage their followers by sharing and commenting on the platform. In the typical festivals people don’t get to know much about the directors, having a profile at the audience awards gives us the opportunity to be out there, to connect with people, it is much appreciated. The main benefit from being at the Arizona Films Audience Awards is that you know your film will be awarded fairly, because it will be chosen by the people. Viewers are the ones that matter, films are subjective, audiences are diverse. Your audiences matter”  ~Esther Casas Roura

The Audience Awards provides filmmakers opportunities to create short video content for brands and win money. Sign up today for your free account and join film’s community.


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