Top Lighting Equipment: Mola Light

June 7, 2016

What is your company’s mission?

To inspire new styles of lighting using of our innovative light shaping tools.

molaWhat is your best selling product?

Our product is very diverse, each product has a specific function. Each reflector produces a dramatically different quality of light. We design with function in mind and our lighting tools are chosen for their effect.

Why do filmmakers chose your lighting equipment?

We are new to the film market, so it’s generally filmmakers with who have transitioned from stills or who have a strong photographic background that chose our products. Our reflectors are compatible with Tungsten sources and K5600 HMI as well as other brands.

mola How do filmmakers access your equipment?

 We have dealers worldwide. We have a strong presence in New York and Los Angeles rental houses. Our goal is to increase our presence in the film market with the addition of our light shaping tools in a greater number of rental house throughout the US.

Are there any special offerings you have that you would like filmmakers to know about?

The opportunity to use a unique light source that they have not had the chance to use before. Our Reflectors are one of a kind and not like other reflectors currently available.  

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