Defying Boundaries with Alienware


April 11, 2022

AudPop is collaborating with Alienware to challenge our creators to Defy Boundaries. Yep, that’s what we said—Defy Boundaries.

Alienware is all about exploring limitless gaming worlds. They want to break the mold, defy mundane reality, and transform into one’s best self. As Alienware puts it, “boundaries were made to be broken.” Alienware’s primary focus is on high-performance gaming PCs. With Alienware, you can Defy Boundaries, pick the world you want, and choose the person you wish to be. There is no status quo to maintain. No rules to follow. No required identities. Part of the Alienware journey is to find your best version, and ultimately find freedom in exploring limitless gaming worlds.

Now, what about the Defying Boundaries Challenge? We want you to use a vertical video to demonstrate in various ways how you Defy Boundaries with Alienware.

As a creator, you can choose from 4 different video opportunities. Potentially, you could win $3K in Alienware products. Imagine winning a New Alienware x14, 14″ Gaming Laptop. Or how about a New Alienware Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming AW920H Headset? Or a New Alienware Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming AW720M Mouse?

How about winning all of them? In short, you could enter all four challenges and win up to $12K in Alienware products.

Surely, you’d like to win these fantastic products. If so, we strongly encourage you to take up our Challenge and Defy Vertical Boundaries.


Alienware Challenges


Alienware - Defy Memes ChallengeDefy Memes Challenge

Create a fun 10 to 15-second “meme-like” vertical video for social media. Show yourself Defying Boundaries and rejecting all things that get in your way of gaming. Be playful and have fun. You can also use words to describe those getting-in-the-way things. Your video’s appearance, performance, and words must particularly relate to Alienware gaming. Don’t insinuate Alienware gaming, be bold with your delivery. Show us your special effects and skills. Visit the Defy Memes Challenge page to get all the specifics and create your best vertical video.

Alienware - Break Free ChallengeBreak Free Challenge

Create a 10 to 15-second “Before and After” vertical video for social media that illustrates Defying Boundaries. The “before” needs to represent boredom and mundane living. Whereas the “after” would represent expressiveness, creativity, vibrancy, and uniqueness. Again, don’t just insinuate Alienware gaming. We want you to be clear, making the entire video about Alienware gaming. We want to see your special effects and skills. Check out the Break Free Challenge to learn more and submit.


Alienware - Trending ChallengeTrending Challenge

Create a 10 to 15-second vertical video that depicts a popular TikTok/IG trend and represents Defying Boundaries. What popular trends out there reveal one’s true self? Or alter ego? Of course, as it relates to gaming. Or you could take a risk and start your own trend. Wow us with your creative self. In addition, make sure your video is clearly about Alienware gaming. If you use music in your video, you must use CML or Alienware-approved music. Click on this Trending Challenge link to get started.


Alienware - Limitless Reality ChallengeLimitless Reality Challenge

Create a 10 to 15-second reality-bending, limitless, vertical video for social media that’s Defying Boundaries. Bend reality, cross into different realities, or you could adopt unlimited capability. We want to see two distinct worlds, and we’re curious about what you will create. Additionally, the appearance, performance, and words featured must instantly relate to Alienware gaming. We don’t want to wonder if it’s about Alienware gaming. Go to Limitless Reality Challenge to learn more and submit.


Submit Now – Don’t Miss the Alienware Deadline

Don’t wait to join the Challenge and Defy Boundaries. Potentially win $12K in Alienware products. Moreover, be bold and showcase your defiance of the status quo. The deadline for all challenges is May 2, 2022, so don’t delay. Create your vertical videos and submit them straightaway. Additionally, keep your videos authentic but not overly polished. We’re interested in you, your talents, your best version.



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