Virginia Shows Some Love for Virginian Filmmaking

August 7, 2017

The Virginia Film Office and Audience Awards came together to host the Virginia Is For Film Lovers Video Contest and we have our winners!

In first place, was Sarah Bonner‘s  Dear Virginia, a nostalgic love letter to Virginia about childhood memories and adventures. We can see why it won over the jurors – the film is a lovely montage of adolescent memories most can relate to, brought to life by an effectively adorable performance from its young actress. “There was this story in my head that I felt was powerful and could be relatable to Virginia natives and the story excited me so much that I knew I had to do the contest,” said Bonner.

Watch Dear Virginia by Sarah Bonner

In  second place was Love Letter by Sara Moore. The video is a celebration of Virginian nature and history, and has a historical vibe of it’s own. Said Moore, “In terms of triumphs, I’m just really happy with how the film came together and that we managed to tell a great little story while showcasing the many things there are to love about Virginia.”

Watch Love Letter by Sara Moore

And in third place –  and also the winner of the Audience Award – was Kennedy Carey’s This Is My Virginia. Between its varied presentation of Virginian activities, stunning aerial shots, and expert camerawork, we can certainly understand why Carey’s video got the attention of the audience! Said Carey, “I’ve had the opportunity to travel all around the world filming in different countries but it was a special feeling to create a travel film for my home town.”

Watch This Is My Virginia by Kennedy Carey

In addition to the winners, there were four honorable mentions:

Virginia Is For Lovers by Evan Moore, A Little Adventure by Kyle Head, Lovers of Life by Shelli Witt, and Virgina is For Lifelong Lovers by Jerry Linkous

Watch Virginia is For Lovers by Evan Moore

Watch A Little Adventure by Kyle Head

Watch Lovers of Life by Shelli Witt

Watch Virginia Is For Lifelong Lovers by Jerry Linkous

A big thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted to the contest and a hearty congratulations to all of our winners! You can view all of their films and the rest of the entries on the Virginia Is For Film Lovers contest page!


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