Lorraine Montez on the important work of Women in Film Seattle

May 19, 2015

Women in Film Seattle is a non-profit organization for professional women and anyone working in all areas of film, video and screen-based media. They work to promote respect for women on and off screen. AudNews spoke to spokeswoman Lorraine Montez to get the inside view of this important organization.

What role does WIF play in supporting Seattle’s film community?

WIF Seattle is an organization that empowers its members through support, education and professional connection by:

  • providing seminars, workshops, mentoring programs, internships, training and grants
  • promoting respect for women on and off screen
  • nurturing female leadership, professional development and influence
  • offering resources and in-kind services to the local community
  • creating venues and visibility for the female perspective

What does the Seattle film community mean to you?

WIF Seattle values and celebrates our diverse filmmaking community here in the Puget Sound region. Our members and supporters are active, vibrant and talented. We’re honored to be a part of this exceptional group of filmmakers.

How does WIF support women in Seattle?

We support women’s work, female leadership and the female voice in film.  Our goal is to advance professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of this industry. Our membership is not limited to women and we have student members we nurture as well.

Patricia Arquette at the BAFTA Film Awards 2015

Patricia Arquette at the BAFTA Film Awards 2015/ photo courtesy of Wikipedia

What goals does WIF have for female filmmakers in the future?

Because Seattle is a diverse community of filmmakers with multiple talents, Women in Film Seattle will continue to be a gathering place for filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers to connect, be inspired by one another and by what’s happening in the cinema world. WIF Seattle will continue to be an effective community partner and supporter of female filmmakers by providing them with opportunities to meet their colleagues and other industry people from within and outside Seattle. And we’ll continue to be a place for learning, training and for broadening one’s skill base.

What can film lovers and filmmakers do to support WIF?

The Audience Awards is film’s social network connecting audiences to films, filmmakers and film festivals. The Audience Awards hosts short film competitions where the audience chooses the best films.


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