4 Ways to Get Smooth Camera Shots (Watch Video)

August 14, 2017

Shaky cam has its place, but stable camera movement is key to creating professional-looking films.

While stabilizers have become increasingly accessible and affordable since their invention, they can still be outside one’s budget.

This tutorial by Eevnxx suggests three other ways to achieve smooth and stable shots. It covers the warp stabilizer feature in Adobe Premiere, slow motion, and using 4k footage to create the illusion of smooth camera movement. At the end of the video, Eevnxx also discusses the two main categories of stabilizers and demonstrates the power of stabilizers to create beautifully smooth shots.

All of these methods can be used to add stability to your camera movement, making your footage appear more cinematic and professional.

For more filmmaking tips and tricks, visit: audnews.com/resources/tips-and-tricks


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