The Winning Animation Short Films Are Here!

August 10, 2017

Animated short films have regularly been a medium for animation filmmakers to push their creative and technical boundaries, and occasionally the final product is both narratively and visually satisfying. We’re proud to say that the three winners of our animated short film contest are satisfying through and through.

The Present by Jacob Frey – which has made the social media rounds over the last 2 years – is characterized by animation that is clean and consistent with the visual style of animation popularized by Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks over the last 2 decades. The story is endearing and, surprisingly, ends with a sweet twist. “I think I can speak for the entire team that we feel very honored to be a featured film at 2018’s AudFest. It’s exciting to see that all the hard work we put into making this film is being appreciated and audiences all around the world resonate to it,” said Frey.

The Present

Watch The Present by Jacob Frey

Layers of Fear by Hsin-Ying Liu has a unique animation style that feels like a marriage between 35mm film and color pencil. The end result? An aesthetically pleasing short animated film, rich in visual storytelling and symbolism oriented around childhood perspective and fear.

Layers of Fear

Watch Layers of Fear by Hsin-Ying Liu

Ever wonder what your remote is up to when it slips between your couch cushions? Filmmaker James Just sure did when he made Tom in Couchland an animated short comedy film about a man’s journey to rescue his television remote from the dangerous world beneath the cushions of his couch. We can see why our jury selected the film to round out our top three – it’s a film mired in a fun and funny premise, executed with expert animation.

Tom in Couchland

Watch Tom in Couchland by James Just

Thank you to all filmmakers who submitted and congratulations to our winners! We look forward to seeing the top three films premiere at AudFest 2018!


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