Introducing Film Jobs Board by ProductionHUB & The Audience Awards

March 7, 2016

ProductionHUB & The Audience Awards Form Strategic Alliance to Support Budding Filmmakers

The Film Jobs Board is available here.

ORLANDOProductionHUB, the global network for local crew & vendors, announces its partnership with The Audience Awards. The Audience Awards connects filmmakers to audiences through short video contests with prizes sponsored by brands like Kodak, Hilton and Fusion.  The contests range from Anime Shorts to the esteemed ReelPitch Challenge (with prizes valuing more than $25,000).

This partnership between ProductionHUB and The Audience Awards (TAA) provides content creators on all levels the opportunity to connect to a variety of production jobs worldwide.

“When these new filmmakers are in pre-production for their next big video project or film contest, we want them to have access to crew up as quickly as possible,” says Paige Williams, Audience Awards CEO. “Our ever growing film community receives an added bonus with our new jobs portal provided by ProductionHUB.”


“Since we connect thousands of production professionals with clients and projects each day, we are in a unique position to facilitate and streamline the hiring side for TAA’s contestants,” says Katrina Deleon, Director of Marketing for ProductionHUB. “With this opportunity, we are honored to be a part of the successful careers from these up-and-coming filmmakers from across the globe.”


About ProductionHUB, Inc.
ProductionHUB is the global network of local crew & vendors, for all your production needs — from corporate media and live events to film, television, digital media, and everything in between. We reduce the headaches and uncertainty associated with hiring in this extremely specialized industry by connecting you to the best vetted, professional content creators and vendors to bring your project to life. For nearly 20 years, ProductionHUB has been a B2B resource for professionals behind-the-scenes in media & entertainment; but now with the popularity of high-quality video, thousands of businesses, agencies and studios rely on us as their video staffing & procurement partner.

About The Audience Awards 

The Audience Awards is the world’s premier social media contest platform connecting brands, filmmakers and audiences. The Audience Awards’ film and video contests & challenges provide deep brand engagement, original video content & viral social media visibility for brands. Audience Awards helps emerging content creators make money & receive opportunities to create for companies they could rarely access otherwise. Audience Awards hosts challenges for KODAK, Univision, Fusion and Hilton Worldwide, Montana, Colorado and many other brands and has awarded filmmakers over $150,000.


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