Get your thrill on with the 2016 Adventure Shorts Video Contest Winners

August 31, 2016

Here they are! The winners of the 2016 Adventure Shorts Video Contest! 27 Films competed for $2,699 and prestige, they were viewed 4,714 and received almost 1000 votes. Click on the image or on the film title to view the entries.

Adventure Shorts Winners

First place Audience Award Winner Filmmaker Dana Johnson and “Adventure Unknown”

” I competed in this contest because it was a perfect category for my film and the film already had a huge following so I though it would do well. Also, I was excited for the opportunity to screen in LA. Winning the prize is validating to all the hard work we did to create it and promote it.  I will use the prize towards my next film!”

-First place Audience Award Winner Filmmaker Dana Johnson and  “Adventure Unknown

Adventure Shorts Winners

Second place Audience Award winner Filmmaker Mike Deeter and “Borneo’s Heart of Darkness”

“I love film and visual storytelling, especially in the genre of adventure.  I became really passionate about protecting the environment while we were in Asia.  This contest seemed to be the perfect platform to deliver a much needed message.

This is my first attempt at filmmaking, so that being said I am amazed that our little film was accepted, much less took away a prize.  Being that my grandfather narrated the film and that the subject of deforestation in Borneo and Sumatra is real and only a matter of time before a tipping point is reached in the area make it even more important to me.  Winning this prize could not have been possible had it not been for all the people who watched and voted, so a huge thank you needs to go out to them as well.”

-Second place Audience Award winner Filmmaker Mike Deeter and “Borneo’s Heart of Darkness

Adventure Shorts Winners

Third place Audience Award winner Filmmaker Michael Snyder and “The Vision Within”

“We competed in the contest to help share the message of our film and inspire others to get out there and explore the world.
 Winning the audience prize is a great honor and hopefully means that our message is finding resonance with audiences.”
-Third place Audience Award winner Filmmaker Michael Snyder and “The Vision Within”
Adventure Shorts Winners

First place Jury Award winner, Filmmakers The African Attachment and “Kroger’s Canteen”

First place Jury Award winner, Filmmakers The African Attachment and “Kroger’s Canteen

Adventure Shorts Winners

Second place Jury Award winner Filmmaker Claude DeMoss and “Delta Dawn”

Second place Jury Award winner Filmmaker Claude DeMoss and “Delta Dawn

Adventure Shorts Winners

Third place Jury Award winner Filmmaker Yali Sharon and “Above All Else”

“I started Live Unbound with a mission to inspire people to overcome self-imposed limitations and discover their true capabilities. Our work has been featured on TEDx, Vimeo Staff Picks, The Atlantic,, and The Discovery Channel.
I’m honored to win the jury prize.”

-Third place Jury Award winner Filmmaker Yali Sharon and “Above All Else


1st Place Jury Award: $150 Site Credit + a Filmstro soundtrack license for movie up to $1M budget worth $1999

2nd Place Jury Award: $100 Site Credit

3rd Place Jury Award: $50 Site Credit


1st Place Audience Award: $300

2nd Place Audience Award: $60 Site Credit

3rd Place Audience Award: $40 Site Credit

Take a look at upcoming contests and get inspired!

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