Andrea Ridgeway is Competing in Pre-production REELPITCH Challenge

August 12, 2016

How did you get inspired to become a filmmaker?

After being an actress for 13 years in commercials and films, I began writing my own content. I wrote and performed stand up comedy, then moved into sketches and short films. I started envisioning projects that had my unique and goofy signature on them that made people laugh. When I started to help direct my actor/friends with their self-tape auditions, I realized I wanted to be a director. Helming my very first short film that I produced, wrote, directed and starred in solidified my dream to be a filmmaker and make this my career of choice.

What is your favorite part about the short film form?

My favorite part of creating short films is that it’s entirely more realistic for a beginning filmmaker to produce their own content! A short film has so many digital platforms available to make it easily viewable by people for free. Getting a short film funded, entered into a festival, and seen by people is the best way for a filmmaker to start learning the business. I love how many things I learned by creating my first short, now each one I make will only get better from here.

Watch and vote for Andrea Ridgeway's "The Many Addictions of Chloe Pitch Campaign"

Watch and vote for Andrea Ridgeway’s “The Many Addictions of Chloe Pitch Campaign”

Who were the people that supported the making of this film?

The organizers of the Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge are the people who created the event that allowed me to make my first short film called Holy Refrigerator. By signing up as a filmmaker for this challenge, I had access to a plethora of talented cast/crew that helped me create my film who I am forever grateful to!

What resources do you use as a filmmaker? Music, locations, props, editing, crew, etc.

Facebook forums and groups are resources I used to help mind my cast/crew for this project. The AFCI Locations and Global Finance Show/Expo (Burbank/April 2016) helped me with scouting locations for my upcoming shoot.

What is your next project?

The comedy digital series The Many Addictions of Chloe is my next project slated to shoot August 2016.

The independent film business is a difficult one. What keeps you motivated? Where do you see the industry going in the future?

Changing the world and making it a better place. I am passionate about helping others and helping the world become a global community of peace. I think the industry will continue to go in the direction of sending messages of global change, peace, and conscious awakening.

Which filmmakers, artists or individuals have most influenced your work?

Ellen DeGeneres, Lady Gaga, Alicia Silverstone, Caitlin Olson, and Michael Franti are a few artists that influence my work – they are all doing good things for this planet, encouraging messages of peace, and making people laugh and/or feel joy through their art.

What advice would you give new filmmakers?

I would tell new filmmakers to don’t delay, start creating your own content right away. Network, meet people, build relationships. Be nice to everyone. Do favors for people, someday they’ll return them. Go to a good school and get a good base in the beginning. Do shot lists! Be organized with your time on set so you can allow necessary time for each shot. If you run a professional and organized set your cast/crew will not only thank you for it but they’ll be happy, do a good job, and be willing to come back and work for you again.

If there’s any other info you want included, paste that here.

Here’s the short description of my new digital series that is in the Audience Awards Reel-Pitch Awards: Ethical columnist Chloe Marsh experiences the highs and lows of a rare addiction disorder sending her home/income/friendships/ and love-life into a frenzied array of chaos. When she hits rock bottom it lends itself to helping and inspiring not only her readers lives but also her boss’, friends’, and doctors’ lives for the better.

Watch and vote for Andrea Ridgeway’s “The Many Addictions of Chloe Pitch Campaign.”

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