Audience Awards’ 2016 Animation Shorts Film Festival Winners

August 12, 2016

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Jack Corpening TRASHONAUTS

1st Place Jury Winner Jack Corpening’s “Trashonauts”

1st Place Jury Winner Jack Corpening’s “TRASHONAUTS” 

“The Audience Awards is an amazing platform for filmmakers to showcase their work among both their peers and fellow enthusiasts, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. TRASHONAUTS was a joy to make, and to have it showcased alongside such fantastic work means so much. Thanks to everyone who participated and those who make this event happen.

I’m a concept artist and CG generalist in the animation industry who just graduated from Ringling College’s Computer a Animation degree and now work in Los Angeles. I entered into The Audience Awards because it seemed like a fresh, fun, and modern take on film festival contests. I was right.

It means pure, pants-soiling excitement. I’m glad the community liked TRASHONAUTS so much, and I hope they had fun watching a magnalien puppy break all laws of physics to find a new home and warm an old geezer’s heart.” ~ Jack Corpening

1st Place Audience Awards Winner Jonathan Campbell's "The Dog That Follows Death"

1st Place Audience Awards Winner Jonathan Campbell’s “The Dog That Follows Death”

1st Place Audience Awards Winner Jonathan Campbell’s “The Dog That Follows Death” 

 “It was great to see so many amateur animators showcasing work that was diverse and imaginative. I think the most valuable gift I have received from being a part of the Audience Awards contest was that my film, The Dog That Follows Death was introduced to a wider audience than ever before.

Matt Black and I (Jonathan Campbell) used to make fun videos with a larger group of friends in high school. Since then I have become a teacher and an aspiring writer, while Matt has been finishing school and working as an artist in many different media. We stayed in contact, sharing the things we were working on, until this past year when I asked Matt if he would bring his unique and powerful work to help me visually tell the tale a short story I had written called the Dog That Follows Death. I entered the film into the competition because I wanted people to see it, and judge it. The film is largely my contribution to a conversation about an ugly and unnecessary part of the human experience. I felt that this contest was a good way to that dialogue with people all around the world.

Winning means validation. Winning means that there are people out there who saw the video and were moved by it. Whether it was Matt’s shocking and luring portrayal, or the important truth that the story exposes, people responded to it.

Creating something like the Dog That Follows Death takes time and resources. Matt and I will use the cash prize and the Filmstro soundtrack license to continue to create work that is significant and grounded in our ideals.” ~ Jonathan Campbell

 2nd Place Audience Award winner Anna Carolina Moraes' "Brasileiras"

2nd Place Audience Award winner Anna Carolina Moraes’ “Brasileiras”

2nd Place Audience Awards winner Anna Carolina Moraes’ “Brasileiras

“It was truly an honor to win. Thank you for this opportunity. 

I am a brazilian graphic designer, illustrator and animator. I earned my BFA Graphic Design from the University of Brasilia in 2013 and I completed a MFA in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts in 2015. I guess one of the most important things to me is to continue developing as an artist, looking for new experiences and new skills. But also, be always true about myself.

I am proud to be brazilian and I am a proud woman. For that reason I decided to work in an animation about my country and one of the issues most women suffer. My master’s thesis is an animation that aims to show the Brazilian woman as something different from the stereotypes that some foreigners make/have of us. We are strong women that can do everything we put our effort into. While I was studying abroad, I could see that unfortunately we have a hypersexualized and even derogatory image. I decided to compete in this contest  to have a chance to expose and disclose my project, a chance to get recognized.

I feel truly honored to have had the chance to compete with films this grand and yet have managed to be selected as the second place. I am extremely grateful to everyone who voted for me and I hope I have passed a positive message through this animation.

Also, after observing that I was able to reach so many people and after receiving some comments, I came to the conclusion that my film should have been called WOMEN instead of just Brazilians.
Although initially I have seen the problem in a specific way, it is actually something that we all suffer. But actually, nationality does not matter, we are all strong, sensitive, smart, capable to do whatever task/work etc.” ~ Anna Carolina Moraes


3rd Place Audience Awards winner Gabriela Chávez “Happiness Master”

3rd Place Audience Awards winner Gabriela Chávez “Happiness Master”

“I am an Ecuadorian motion designer who is passionated to visual art, and the power of communication that graphics have in life. I competed in this contest because I always look a way to show my art and share my point of view of life through my art. Audience awards is an well know organization that recognizes and encourages artists to promote their work.

Winning the 3rd prize means happiness and a big responsibility to keep creating and developing new mix media techniques doing videos and visual that tells stories.” ~ Gariela Chávez

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