Customer Testimonials Are Powerful Business Tools

Customer Video Testimonials Are Powerful Business Tools

October 18, 2021

Businesses of all sizes benefit from customer video testimonials and reviews. Customer video testimonials can be a powerful tool for boosting conversation, establishing a brand, and driving profits for any type of company. People depend more on company reviews and customer testimonials than ever before as social media platforms and technology are primary forces shaping consumer decision-making.

Many studies have been conducted regarding customer video testimonials and reviews on consumer buying habits and decisions. One of the most often cited studies reported that 92 percent of consumers trust products and services recommended by people they know. In comparison, over 70 percent of the respondents trusted online reviews of products and services even if they did not personally know the reviewer. 

Customer Video Testimonials Are Powerful Business Tools 

Potential customers rely on consumer reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, and compelling content marketing from customer testimonials amplifies consumer opinions that can influence sales. While seeking feedback at any stage yields vital insight into your company’s health, customer testimonials and reviews are essential tools for generating more business and solidifying your brand. 

The Consensus Principle

The effectiveness of customer testimonials is driven by the principle of consensus. It’s human behavior for people to look to others deemed more knowledgeable about a situation when unsure or less familiar themselves. In the context of consumer behavior, this consensus is the idea that customers look to the behaviors and actions of others to determine their own, especially in uncertainty. 

What this means for your business is that if your potential customers are unsure about your brand, products, or services, a testimonial may provide the consensus they need to tilt their purchasing decision in your favor. 

Collecting And Sharing Usable Customer Testimonials

Asking your customers for testimonials is the most efficient way to receive the feedback you need for your marketing purposes. Customers who are proud of their purchasing decisions of products and services tend to share their experiences with others. 

To find these customers, you should utilize a follow-up strategy that responds through open-ended questions about their purchasing experience, the product, or the service itself. A good customer testimonial produces elements of a story that you want to share on behalf of your company. 

Customer testimonials should be shared on social media platforms, in marketing and advertising materials, video and blog posts, direct mail campaigns, and other media relations. You can also run a video contest for your customers asking them to submit videos through AudPop and give away your product or services to your favorite customer video. 

The Power Of Customer Testimonials

For businesses, the key to success is investing time and energy into developing robust customer feedback processes that generate usable testimonial content for marketing strategies. 


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