Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival a success!

October 1, 2015

Bridger cup

In a stunning example of how to increase brand engagement, Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival partnered with The Audience Awards for their first online video festival and they have the exposure to prove it! With 25 film submissions, 35,000 contest views and over 550,000 social impressions, Bridger Cup has demonstrated how to run a video festival online and successfully navigate the modern digital age. The Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival was held as part of the first annual Bridger Cup, a competition, exhibition and celebration of drones in Bozeman, Montana.

“The Audience Awards’ partnership with Bridger Cup was an exciting first for our company. Bridger Cup used our platform to host their first online film festival. Our turnkey platform helped them in several ways. We accepted submissions through our platform, marketed the festival to filmmakers to get the word out about the festival, hosted their jury and audience awards and screened the films from their festival page on our site. As a result of hosting their online film festival on The Audience Awards,  Bridger Cup Film Festival received over 550,000 social impressions! The Bridger Cup was a great success and we look forward to assisting with the event again next year.” ~ Paige Williams, CEO of The Audience Awards.

AudNews interviewed Mike Tragiai, Ascent Vision’s Lead Project Engineer, and got the drone’s eye view.

What was The Bridger Cup?

The Bridger Cup was an event to recognize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or “drones” for different applications to better the understanding of where this technology is going and how they can help in our society. For the most part, UAV’s get bad publicity in the news and from military applications seen on the internet. We seek to change that image to something that the public sees and accepts as a useful tool. We focus on educating the public about UAV safety and what regulations are in place for hobbyists, so that this great and new technology isn’t pushed in the wrong direction due to ignorance.

What was the highlight of the event?

The highlight of our event was the Bridger Cup FPV (first person view) racing. Everyone enjoyed watching the fast pace drones fly by as the completed each lap, trying not to crash into the many obstacles, which happened, a lot, and for the spectators it was a blast! I believe FPV racing is going to grow into a very recognized and competitive sport. It has grabbed lots of attention in the last few months and more races are happening every week!

Still from "Controlled Burn" First place winner of the Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival video contest

Still from “Controlled Burn” First place winner of the Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival

What are your future plans for the event?

The plans for the Bridger Cup 2016 is to go bigger and better. More FPV racing, more venders and more opportunities for the public to see new technology and try flying a drone. Education will always be our main focus for the Bridger Cup and helping the FAA in anyway possible with getting the updated rules and regulations out is also important to us. We want it to be a fun environment for the venders to show off their new products, hobbyist to race for the “Bridger Cup” trophy, bring together Montana’s tech. community and give the public a resource to learn about this great emerging technology we have available.

What makes The Bridger Cup unique?

The Bridger Cup is unique because it is an exposition that gives companies the environment to show what their product can really do instead of just talking about it at a trade booth. Montana is the perfect place to host this event because of its beauty, simplicity and innovation.

How did The Audience Awards help your event?

The Audience Awards provided a very professional platform for the cinematography community. We are very pleased with the amount of views and interaction the site brought to our event.

Anything else you want the audience to know?

The Bridger Cup website will be updated often with all of the latest news on drone technology and ways to get involved.

We would like to thank everyone that sponsored, supported, volunteered and came to the event. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The films submitted to the Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival are available to watch here!

You can contact the Bridger Cup Film Festival here.

Visit the Bridger Cup website.

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