The votes are in! Check out the five winners of the Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival

October 1, 2015

The Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival is a short film festival held as part of the first annual Bridger Cup – a competition, exhibition and celebration of drones in Bozeman, Montana. The primary goal of The Bridger Cup event is to raise awareness of the beneficial and productive applications of the drone technology as promising tools to be embraced and welcomed by all members of the public.

The online video contest held tremendous opportunity for drone filmmakers to showcase their skill and to win money, prizes and prestige. There were two jury winners that were awarded $750 worth of cash and prizes and three Audience Awards winners awarded $400. 25 films entered the film festival with 6,400 film views and over 550,000 social media impressions! Click on the pictures to watch each film.

Still from "Hello World"

Still from “Hello World”

First place jury winner Nathan Schuett was awarded a quadrocopter Drone with his film Hello World Showing Light painting with a drone to draw shapes and letters in the sky. “The Audience Awards website made the submission process a breeze.”

Still from "The Right Shoes"

Still from “The Right Shoes”

Susan Talbot and Steven Flynn, winners of the second place Bridger Cup jury award and $100, entered The Right Shoes, A beautiful film that promotes gender equality. “We have been around the traditional festival circuit for a long time. With any festival, I always think the Audience Awards are a special kind of validation. Everyone is a film critic at some level. Your audience giving you the thumbs up means you’ve struck the right chord. I look forward to seeing what the Bridger Cup Drone Festival does in the coming years and am proud to have been recognized by it in its first year” 

Still from "Controlled Burn" First place winner of the Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival video contest

Still from “Controlled Burn

First place Audience Awards winner Robert D Frye won $250 with Controlled Burn, An aerial viewpoint of the beauty and control of a controlled burn. “I want to thank both The Bridger Cup and Audience Awards for co-creating the Bridger Cup film festival. Both are world-class venues for anything “drone” and “drone-cinematography”. Since I have a slow internet connection, I was especially impressed with how they both “bent-over-backwards” to help me make my entry. I could talk, on the phone, to real people, who really did care. They were both very courteous and professional, which is somewhat rare today. As a 7 month young novice in flying drones and drone-cinematography, I encourage everyone who is like-minded to seriously look at this venue as one of the premier events to learn and measure your skills against your peers, world-wide. This was their (Bridger Cup) first year. Due to their demonstrated professionalism and comprehensiveness, you will see this venue grow and grow in the future. Again, in my opinion, the Bridger Cup will become known as a world-class event for the drone-world.”

Still from "Drone Dreams"

Still from “Drone Dreams”

Drone Dreams is a light-hearted film about the filmmaker dreaming of drone flight. Drone Dreams and its filmmaker Tim Staub won second place in the Audience Awards and was awarded $100.
“The Audience Awards platform is great for all types of filmmakers to get their work seen. The Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival was a blast. It was a great way to kick off the Saturday full of drone-related expositions and events at the fairgrounds. The film fest drew filmmakers from abroad, too. That was especially cool to see films from other countries that I would not have seen if it weren’t for the Bridger Cup Film Festival.”

Still from "Chiapas Lacandona Jungle"

Still from “Chiapas Lacandona Jungle”

Luciano Vigueras took the third place Audience Awards prize, winning $50. His film Chiapas Lacandona Jungle shows the magnificence of Chiapas, Mexico. “It is important for me and my film called Lacandona Jungle to join you and even to win the 3rd place because it shows the interest on your part in spreading and rewarding those who use the drone as a new platform to showcase our environment and our work. Awards like this encourage me to work harder each time and im prove as professional video , take the opportunity to thank all the people who see it time and vote for my work were given , I thank those who made this happen as Mr. Edison Layne a great friend and producer. I hope to participate in new issues with great works, congratulations to the other winners, your videos are great. Thanks again to all who made ​​possible the Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival.”

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Bridger Cup Drone Film Festival!

Watch all of the submissions here.

Visit the Bridger Cup website here.

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