Presenting Capturing LA Video Contest Winners!

May 26, 2016

Samy’s Camera has been a landmark in Los Angeles for 40 years! You have helped us celebrate this milestone with short films that represents what has made Los Angeles the premier city in the country during this time period.

Capturing LA received 31 submissions, over 2,000 votes and over 7,400 total film views.

The total prize value for this contest was $12,750. 

Click on the film name or the image to watch each winner.

Capturing LA

“What makes L.A. L.A.”

“Originally, I entered the contest to motivate myself in creating more content. When I engaged myself on the topic of capturing L.A. it became a much more personal project. It was during the editing process that I discovered making my friends and family the reveal of what makes a Los Angeles distinct was the story that was being told. It really isn’t about me. It’s not even about my friends specifically. It’s about the experiences we all have with creating family and friends and how that shapes and creates your relationship wherever it is that you live. If you think about, really think about. Whenever you recall a place you’ve been to, you fall back on who you spent time with in that place. Maybe you have other sense specific memories, but the anchor of that memory will almost always be the people who shared that experience with you. That’s what makes a place.

It was heartwarming to have so many of my family and friends take time out of their day to watch and vote. I had a few friends watch and vote for other videos, and I still very much appreciated the fact that they took interest in the contest and engaged in our film making community. It meant a lot to me. It’s also great that a contest like this exist. It really provides opportunities to people who otherwise wouldn’t have them and motivates people who otherwise wouldn’t be motivated into creating. I’m very grateful and I’d, again, like to express my gratitude. Thank you to everyone at Sammy’s Cameras for creating this, and thank you to everyone who participated and voted.

I’m also going to post about it on facebook… a lot. That’s mostly what I will be doing. No, just kidding. With the camera my friends and I are going to be shooting a lot more passion projects. I’ll be helping out some pals that voted for our video, since it wouldn’t have been possible to win the camera otherwise. I’m currently festering an interest in the Los Angeles Flower Market. I also have some short film scripts I’d like to shoot as well” Joseph Aceves, First Place Audience Awards Winner, Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder “What makes L.A. L.A.


“Missing you from LA”

“I am a young filmmaker. Which means I am building up knowledge and my gear list at the same time. Every time I make my own short, I realize I need another new gadget for my next short film and that happened while making “Missing You from LA” as well. I will use the prize money to invest in gear to further enhance my projects and ultimately my accomplishments as a filmmaker”- Shravya Chavva, Second Place Audience Award, $500 Samy’s Camera Gift Card “Missing you from LA



“I’m a filmmaker from Los Angeles and I graduated from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. I competed in this contest because I wanted to create something with my nephews.

Winning the 3rd place audience prize means a lot to me. I’m glad that hundreds of people enjoyed my video. If I made them smile, then it was all worth it.

I will use the Samy’s Camera gift card prize to purchase some new gear so I can continue to make short films” Hector Cortez, Third Place Audience award, $250 Samy’s Camera Gift Card IMAGINATION


“This Moment”

“I am German born and Los Angeles based filmmaker and photographer and I learned about this contest in a Samy’s Camera newsletter. The contest seemed to be an exciting platform to promote my film “This Moment,” so I sent it in. Watching a few of the other submissions and their own intriguing stories about Los Angeles, I really did not expect to be picked up by the jury like this.

Obviously it’s a great honor to be chosen as the winner by this jury of experienced industry people. I am beyond stoked about this recognition and would like to send my regards to every single jury member this way.

I have been planning on upgrading to a new camera for years and timing to win such a great camera couldn’t be any better. This award prize definitely brought me a good step closer to preproduction of my next project” Sven Dreesbach, First Place Jury Award, Canon C100 Mark II w/Canon 24-105mm Zoom Lens “This Moment”


“More Than Words”

Andrea Jako Giacomini (director, photographer, editor) is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. His short film, ”More than Words”, a creative hybrid of art and film, was a winner of the AFI & Levi’s competition and received the FutureCity Yokohama Short Film Award. He has created brand content for companies with global recognition, including: Honda, Yamaha, Lincoln, FIAT, Converse. He also creates music videos for various indie and mainstream artists. His work has been showcased at SXSW, LA Film Festival, Raindance, Cannes Short Films, Short Shorts Film Festival, Hollyshorts, etc..

“LA is my town and when I heard about this challenge opportunity, I felt like the short film I created had the perfect match to display the city.

The film is all shot in downtown Los Angeles, and tells the story of a young girl that draws a better future from the back seat of her parents car.

My film is about seeing things from a different perspective and this contest had had a similar vibe.

I feel very grateful and is awesome to hear that the film was well received by the jury.

This is a personal film and makes me really happy when people connect to it and share the same vision as the film.

Awesome new gear that will be a very useful new tool while making new films and videos that I am currently preparing” Andrea Jako Giacomini, Second Place Jury Award, Canon XF205 HD Professional Camcorder “More Than Words”

Congratulations to the winners! Check out upcoming contests to take your shot at the Audience Awards!

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