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May 27, 2016


Check out quotes from The Produce Box Employee and Member Video Contest filmmakers, open for voting on The Audience Awards. To watch the video’s click on the image or on the filmmaker’s name! Remember you can vote once a day for as many films as you like!

Produce Box

“1) Putting together healthy meals doesn’t have to be time consuming or intimidating. I wanted to show people the process of putting together this salad, from start to finish.

2) Having healthy produce delivered is very convenient and can help families eat healthier

3) It’s fun to use local food in your dishes. This salad is full of antioxidants, fiber, healthy fat and happiness.” ~Watch Sarah Schlichter’s Produce Box Video Here

Produce Box

“The Produce Box delivers fresh produce and other local food items to your door.  Our video shows one very simple smoothie recipe for fresh fruits. Any fruits available can be substituted for those shown.” ~Watch Jeanine Weske’s Produce Box Smoothie delight Produce Box Video Here

Produce Box

“Our whole family looks forward to our Produce Box delivery each week. It’s been a great way for all of us to try new and local fruits/vegetables.” ~Watch Maudie Kaiser’s Cooking With The Produce Box Produce Box Video Here.

Produce Box

“1) If you are puzzled by what to do with an item in your box, Google recipe ideas and try something new!

2) Think of ways to add veggies to every meal… Add a little greens, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, to your eggs, sandwiches and soups!  You don’t need to eat a “salad” to use up the items in your box.

3) Check out the specialty Produce Box items, like locals cheeses, meats, gluten free baked goods, nuts, coffee, etc. it makes getting your box that much more exciting.”

~Watch Julie Fulmer’s Julie’s Produce Box Video Here

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