Congratulations to the Comedy Shorts Video Contest Winners!

October 5, 2015

The Comedy Shorts Video Contest has come to a close! The Audience Awards invited filmmakers to submit their comedic short films for the chance to win part of the $500 prize. The contest received a total of 769 votes and 1,110 film views.

In First place, winning  $350 and 191 votes is White Spruce by Chris Vaglio. White Spruce takes a look at how far a salesman at a tree farm will go to hold a tree for the girl of his dreams on Christmas Eve.

Comedy Shorts winner

Still from “White Spruce”

“The event was great, Over all though the concept is great and it was a lot of fun to be a part of for sure. We have other films coming soon, so we will submit again” ~Chris Vaglio

Little Man of Steel by Larry Ziegelman came in second with 175 votes and $100. In Little Man of Steel, Lois discovers the hardest part about dating Clark.

Still from "Little Man of Steel" winner of comedy shorts

Still from “Little Man of Steel”

“My film “Little Man of Steel” has been online for almost 3 years now. The Audience Award was an opportunity for my film to get a new audience, making it feel like a fresh, brand-spanking new film! I thank you for that” ~Larry Ziegelman

In third place, winning 78 votes and $50, is Bed Bugs & Co by Serena Dykman. In Bed Bugs & Co, A bed bug inspector infests New Yorkers’ apartments instead of inspecting them.

Still from "Bed Bugs & Co" a Comedy shorts winner

Still from “Bed Bugs & Co”

“I think being part of Audience Awards was great, as it allowed us to showcase the full film online for the first time. We are just at the beginning of the festival circuit with this film, and a lot of festivals will not consider a film if it is available to watch online. However, being on Audience Awards for a limited amount of time does not affect our festival eligibility, and allowed us to build a buzz around the film, and engage people from around the world, not just to watch it, but also to vote. It increased our social media following as well”~ Serena Dykman

Congratulations to the winners!

You can watch all of the entries to the Comedy Shorts Video Contest here.

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