Top 10 Red Flags You've Hired the Wrong Video Production Agency


April 14, 2022

It’s easy to see why video has grown to be one of the most in-demand tools in the industry. For one, it’s an easy-to-digest format, offering a break from online textual information. A billion hours of YouTube are watched worldwide, after all. Videos are an essential marketing tool for businesses. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2021, 86% of marketing professionals use video to drive traffic to their websites. They swear by it. And 78% of them believe video marketing increases sales.

Video marketing is a vital addition to your marketing toolkit. The video editing software available today allows you to work independently. Though you may need to outsource to a trusted agency to get the best output.

Why Outsource Video Production?

Outsourcing video production services can be your best investment. It allows you to focus on your operations and access various talents and resources. However, it can also be your worst nightmare. Matching with the wrong agency can cost you your effort, time, money, and reputation.

As a business, you have the best intention when crafting your message for the market. By the time the agency converts it into powerful content, they may have failed to capture your passion. You’re now frustrated with the process, time is wasted, and it slowly affects your timeline. You hired them to scale your business, but hiring them turned out to be the most significant dilemma.

Avoid further damage and assess your agency. Watch out for these warning signs:

1. Not Taking the Time to Understand Your Needs

When your agency subtly neglects your input, expectations, and needs as a company, it may be time to think twice. Working together means being on the same track and following clear expectations. If the agency is not interested in knowing what you want or finding the best way to make it happen, they are not dedicated enough to study and employ the right strategy that fits your needs.

There should be a well-rounded approach to appeal to your market in video marketing. Hiring a video marketing agency means trusting their expertise in this field. Their skills, knowledge, and experience are respected and appreciated in the creative process. And it can help you improve your vision of the output. However, lines should not be crossed or ignored.

The right video production agency should know the importance of personalization. They should devote time learning about you and curating the perfect plan to achieve your goal.

2. You Can’t Talk to Anyone from the Video Production Agency

Problems with communication can have several underlying causes. If you cannot find the source of these communication issues, the agency owes you an explanation.

  • Are you not receiving updates?
  • Are they ignoring your queries?
  • Perhaps they’ve ghosted you?

The lack of constant communication is a major red flag for partnerships. While it can strain relationships, it can threaten the progress and productivity of the team. It can also be a sign of disorganization, lack of interest in accomplishing the task, and even disrespect.

In any project, communication is key to staying on the same page. It should be a two-way street where everybody should initiate a conversation or send constant updates. Your partner agency must be easy to get in touch with among various platforms and be open to discussing your situation. The next time you hit them up, see how they react.

3. Everything is Cookie-Cutter

Marketing is a fast-paced industry that not everyone can keep up with. Though, video marketing is becoming more extensive and rapidly evolving. When your video production agency only functions by going with trends, how can you keep up with the market’s demand?

You should watch out for your video production agency’s cookie-cutter thought processes, behavior, and video output. These can only lead to ineffective material, which may need countless revisions, and it can also lead to legal consequences.

In harnessing creativity for excellent video production, originality must be considered. May it be snack-able content, a tutorial, or even as simple as a demo. Its structure and style should be unique to what your business wants to portray, only touching specific marketing trends that fit your branding but not entirely depending on it.

4. You Can’t Reach Those That Gave Testimonies

Reviews on company websites help reduce risks. It is a form of proof of product/service quality that they offer. It’s also a great way to converse with their existing clients to know more about the company. And when these testimonials look great, you are sold. But how can you be sure they are real?

First off, fake testimonials are illegal. Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC Act) (15 USC 45) prohibits “unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce.” If you find it hard to connect to people who gave testimonials, there is a high chance that they are fake. This can also reflect on the quality of work that the company provides.

According to a study conducted by Power Reviews and Northwestern University’s Spiegel Digital & Database Research Center, client feedback, testimonials, and reviews are proven effective in increasing sales and conversion rates. The chart below shows Hammacher Schlemmer’s increased conversion rates after generating reviews on their products.

Testimonial conversion rates per Hammachere Schlemmer study. Video marketing can help.

Testimonials are potent materials to increase trust and confidence in the company. But you should be skeptical about the names listed with them. If you cannot contact them, the company might not be credible enough.

5. Their Promises Are Too Good To Be True

Is your video production agency swearing to make an output that will drive the internet wild? Did they tell you they can finish the project in a snap with the lowest budget? It sounds exaggerated, but this is how unrealistic expectations are set to convince you.

Forbes has warned business owners from falling into the hands of these unbearing promises.

It is too good to be true when:

  • A company offers more expertise than the number of their employees. 
  • When they swear to deliver specific results. 

Agencies today have a remarkable ability to be flexible and multi-task. Working with one person may seem great, but solely dealing with one person can create difficulty. What if you need to replace them or substitute them in times of emergency? Marketing is a trial and error of techniques. A strategy that worked for their clients before might not work for you. There is no “secret sauce,” and results are naturally unpredictable.

Be wary of a video production agency making promises that are beneficial to you for a minimal cost. The likelihood of those promises coming to fruition is nil.

6. You’re Not Given Anything In Writing

Outsourcing for video marketing does not happen over a single conversation. When meeting with a potential partner, and they are will to begin straightaway without anything in writing, run. Initiating a partnership with another agency requires a documented agreement that consists of a clear list of tasks and responsibilities that both of you agreed upon.

A huge red flag is an agency that is fine verbally, without written documentation, discussing plans, expectations, and goals for the project. It may lead to inconsistencies with work, and you may find it hard to track their progress. Video marketing should not be done spontaneously. Careful planning, documentation, and finding the right way to convey your business’ message effectively are essential.

Video production agencies should provide you with written plans, agreements, a tracking sheet (for deadlines), and other written proof of their work. Everything should be organized for easy monitoring and possible adjustments. If things get bad, you can conveniently use them as legal documents.

7. High Client Churn

In business, losing customers or clients means you are doing something wrong. Simply, unhappy clients tend to leave. According to a study by PWC, bad experiences are driving away customers in the US. It is estimated that 59% of your clients will walk away from you after having several misfortunes, while 17% will leave after only one.

When do consumers stop interacting with a brand they love?

High churn rates reflect how business is done within a company. Would you prefer to commit to a mediocre partnership? Research if your video production agency has a high churn rate despite claiming to have years of experience and expertise. You can also use the value of testimonials to assess the situation. If possible, reach out to other businesses in the field, their former clients, or inquire directly to the agency regarding their former collaborations.

8. No Proper Client Onboarding Process

When you set up a newly downloaded video game, you’re hit with messages and instructions. Sure, you’ve got the gist and are ready to play, but the game continues to guide you. This is incredibly helpful for your convenience. However, what would happen if the gaming developers failed to include this?

Just like with a new video game, video production agencies need to give guidance, even if you’ve got the gist. They need to have a proper client onboarding process. This process will introduce and orientate you to their procedures. If they don’t have this, they might assume you know how things work. Or possibly, they don’t care enough to give you a brief.

Client onboarding starts a solid client-business relationship. This process is an essential first step toward working well together.

Did your video production agency give you a warm welcome or leave you to wander on your own?

9. Lack of Transparency

Collaborating on a project means you share every bit of information with your agency. They need to do the same when it comes to your partnership. But what if they don’t?

Yes, you’ve hired them to do a job, but you still need to apply your personal touch. You may wish to include certain aspects to your video marketing content. Does your partner agency allow that? Or are they treating you as their employees and doing as they please? Also, is your agency transparent enough to tell you something is wrong?

These are some of the questions you should be able to answer positively. Not only to see the status of your project but to realize if your partner agency is being transparent or not.

Honesty and transparency allow you to clarify issues before they get worse. A great agency will give you consistent reports. They will also provide straightforward answers when asked. If you feel like you’re not getting this same level of transparency, maybe it’s time to check on your agency now.

10. They Don’t Practice What They Preach

Is your partner agency fond of creating plans? Do they tell you about their next moves? Maybe they give examples of what they did in the past? If so, are they “all talk and no action”?

Your potential video production agency will tell you every positive aspect of their operation. If they talk about the great things they will do but lack follow-through, watch out for the results. Not employing the practices they swore by is simply unethical. It damages your confidence and trust in their work. It also wastes your time setting unrealistic goals for the project.

Video marketing is about authenticity. But ethical production is paramount as well, more than the content itself.

Key Takeaway

When hiring, agencies will ensure to put their best foot forward to get the spot. They will present their most promising portfolios and say they will focus on your best interest. They sound so good that suspicious factors can be overlooked. And when you get down to business, red flags start to appear all over. Before it is too late, check on your video production agency.

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