Check out this recipe for success! In the Kitchen winners share their secret ingredients

October 17, 2016

In The Kitchen With Homewood And Home2 Suites By Hilton is served! 15 entries competed for $17,000, in addition the films received over 2,500 votes and over 4,000 views! Congratulations to the winners! To watch the winning entries click on the title or on the image. To explore upcoming contests, click here.

In the Kitchen

“In Suite Kitchen For Everyone” by Sean Boardman

“I am so glad that I found the Audience Awards site and this particular contest. I am so impressed with how the site promoted and managed the promotion, how clear they made it for everyone to participate, either as an entrant or as a voter, how well the interface of the display of the videos and voting format of the contest worked, and how the site provides an opportunity for film makers of all ability levels to get involved.
I am a High School Math Teacher, and I sometimes like to make fun videos to help my students learn new math concepts. I received an e-mail, inviting me to participate in the contest, so I’d thought I’d give it a try.
Winning the prize means that the audience enjoyed my video and that it hopefully entertained them and met the parameters of the contest objectives. Hopefully, my video brought many new fans and subscribers to the Audience Awards site, as I had been, myself, previously for another contestant.

I will use this prize to invest in a better camera and editing software for my future endeavors. I am only an amateur, but I have a modest following of friends and fans. ”

~Sean Boardman and “In Suite Kitchen For Everyone” First place audience award winner
In the Kitchen

“While Dad’s Away Homewood Suite’s Kitchen Is Okay” and Lisa Boardman

“The Audience Awards gave me the opportunity to show off my ability to produce a successful video that meets the set of provided guidelines and objectives.
 I often help my husband film and produce his own video productions, so this contest gave me the opportunity to go out on my own and do the same.
I consider myself very fortunate to have been chosen. I am humbled to have earned a finalist spot. The audience valued the message that I was trying to connote in the value gained by my husband’s use of the in-suite kitchens in the Homewood Suites.
We will be investing in advanced equipment and software that will enhance our ability to produce quality films and videos.”

In the Kitchen

“Yummy Eats at Homewood Suites” by Tommy Wooldridge

“I’m Tommy! My biggest dream is to write and direct family/kids adventure films. I’m currently a freelance filmmaker in Los Angeles, working hard to make that dream come true. I’ve been brainstorming ways to raise funds for a short film I’m currently prepping to direct, and I stumbled across the Audience Awards, and decided to give it a shot!
Winning the audience award has honestly given me a much needed confidence boost in filmmaking. Seeing my friends, family and strangers sharing my video and voting for me daily was so encouraging and reminds me why I started making movies in the first place; To connect with people.
The prize money from this contest has helped me get closer to shooting a silent film I’ve written called Dog Gone, about a mischievous little boy who loses his dog and runs around town doing wacky, Looney Tunes-esque gags looking for him. I’m hoping to shoot it on 16mm film.”
~Tommy Wooldridge and “Yummy Eats at Homewood Suites” Third place audience award winner and first place jury  winner
In the Kitchen

Alejandro DeHoyos Home2 Our Home

“I’ve been in the television & film business for over 18 years and had the chance to work with many of the major networks CNN, ABC, FOX, etc and also produced and directed many award winning short films over the years. At the moment Ive been nominated for 4 LoneStar Emmy Awards for my work with the NBA San Antonio Spurs and I’m currently writing to you from Nairobi, Kenya where I’m producing a documnetry on the small drought striken village of Bamba. This contest came to my attention when my wife Monica sent me the link and suggested I enter with the hopes of winning and using the prize money for both a new central air conditioning unit and possibly another film. Winning this prize is such a blessing for my family and also a big motivation to continue to produce good works. Looking forward to using some of the prize money to help with postproduction costs with my untitled Bamba project, I believe this film will have the power to change peoples minds and help the village of Bamba, Kenya. Thank you again for your votes and your support.”
~Alejandro DeHoyos and “Home2 Our Home

1st Place Jury Award: $5000

2nd Place Jury Award: $3000


1st Place Audience Award: $5000

2nd Place Audience Award: $3000

3rd Place Audience Award: $1000

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