Introducing the Long Beach LGBTQ Film Festival, Qfilms

June 3, 2015

What is your film festival’s mission?

The QFilm Festival’s mission is to present films that embody the LGBTQ community. Along with The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach, QFilms producer, we advocate for the inclusion of all individuals into a free and just community without judgment or restriction based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

What role does your film festival play in supporting your film’s community?

QFilms has a big cultural impact on the Long Beach community and is one of the largest fundraisers of the year for The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach. As the oldest film festival in the City, and the only LGBTQ-focused film festival, QFilms is the largest cultural program for the community outside of the annual Pride celebration.

What is something people look forward to every year at your film festival?

QFilms is one of the most laid back and accessible film festivals out there. Audiences, filmmakers, and actors mix and mingle throughout the event at numerous post-screening Q&A’s, parties, and after parties. People really most look forward to creating and building stronger communities at QFilms.

What do you want audiences to take away from your film festival?

Films are one of the most accessible ways to connect to our community and to connect to others seeking community connection. QFilms is a very special weekend for us and a great way to connect to LGBTQ cultures and communities.

How long has your film festival been around?

QFilms is in its 22nd year.

How did your film festival come into being?

Robert Cano co-founded QFilms as the Long Beach International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 22 years ago because there were no LGBTQ film festivals in Long Beach like there were in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The first festival was a one-day sold out event at California State University Long Beach and grew from there.

What do you want audiences to take away from your film festival?

We always want audiences to have a great time! We want folks to always feel comfortable viewing, participating, and asking as many questions as possible to our filmmakers.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your festival?

QFilms has added an additional day this year, so we’re a 4 day festival. Tickets go on sale in August and we’re expecting our biggest crowd yet. We’re so thankful for the community’s support of QFilms. All net proceeds benefit The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach so every guest can feel good knowing that they’re not just buying a ticket to a great film, but also supporting their local LGBTQ community.

Check out the QFilms website here. 

Visit the LGBTQ Center of Long Beach’s website here.

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