Meet Common Good Vermont

June 4, 2015

Common Good Vermont

What is your company’s name and mission?

Common Good Vermont is the only statewide organization in Vermont dedicated to uniting and strengthening all of the mission-driven organizations that serve the Green Mountain State. Common Good Vermont serves as the “go to” resource for our peers to share resources, gain skills, and build partnerships. This work is made possible through meaningful collaboration with many local, regional and state leaders, pointed toward a thriving nonprofit sector able to contribute to the well-being of Vermont.

How did it come about?

Common Good Vermont was launched in 2008 with the support of the Vermont Community Foundation and the A.D. Henderson Foundation, to meet the capacity building needs of the state’s nonprofit community and to strengthen the network of staff, board, consultants and allies working on Vermont’s behalf. Inspired by the previous work of the Vermont Association of Nonprofit Organizations (VANPO) and The Future of Vermont’s Nonprofit Sector: A Framework for Stewardship and Success (Grafton Conference, 2007), Common Good Vermont has grown into a network of 4500 people who attend events, share resources, subscribe to regular communications, and lead us into the future. The work could not be done with our partners and underwriters. Common Good Vermont is run by CCTV Center for Media & Democracy, founded in 1984, to build communities through media and collaboration.

Why are you supporting The Audience Awards in getting the word out about the Pride LGBTQ short film competition?

This project is aligned with our mission to support nonprofits and building community and connection.

What initiative(s) are you currently working on that you would like our readers to know about?

Our four main initiatives are:

– Building a Statewide Network of Mission-Driven Organizations
– Strengthening Public Policy Muscle
– Measuring What Matters
– Putting Leadership Development at the Core of Our Work.

We do this through the Performance Imperative and the tools of Results-Based Accountability and Collective Impact. Read More.

How does film, video and media affect the work your company does?

We are able to reach more people and organizations across the state using social media, online resources on our website and streaming video and webcasts. Video and media are critical to our work and our mission.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about you and/or your company’s work?

Our weekly newsletter, The Vermont Nonprofit News and our Legislative Digest are our main resources that share information, along with our website and trainings around the state. We also post jobs, funding and relevant news.

The Audience Awards is film’s social network connecting audiences to films, filmmakers and film festivals. The Audience Awards hosts short film competitions where the audience chooses the best films.


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