Meet the People at The Audience Awards: Suzie Reahard

July 9, 2014

Introducing Suzie Reahard, Chief Technology Officer for The Audience Awards.

1. Who are you?
I am an artist, activist, designer, tinker-er and all around rock star. I am traversing the landscape of Montana and love every bit of it. I do a little bit of everything for The Audience Awards. My primary job is to make sure we are keeping up with the latest trends and our site is running smoothly for everyone across all platforms. Whether it be working on the website, making sure everything is pretty and functioning, or designing any array of promotional materials, I’m your go-to person.

2.  What’s the best part about working for The Audience Awards?
Being a part of such a young company in general is exciting — every day is a new adventure. I am most excited about building a recognizable brand and feel for The Audience Awards.  I want the audience and filmmakers to see our “a” logo and feel driven to go see what we are up to.

3. Tell us the why you’re excited about what The Audience Awards is building.
This is such a unique way to really support the creativity and drive of filmmakers. I am excited to see the community and interaction grow.

4. What’s something bizarre about yourself.
I was born without opposable thumbs. (Don’t worry … they work now.)

5. Do you have a favorite film on the site?
I really love Nobody Loves Joel Romeo. It is such a touching look into the life of a developmentally disabled man who is a recognizable character in Seattle, as well as the people who have taken him under their wing. So many times we walk by or dismiss people like Joel, when really something as simple as kindness and acknowledgment will make his day. Also, Joel’s drawings and the little animations are just great.

6. What’s an entertainment trend you love right now?
I just plowed through the second season of Orange is the New Black. I really love the way Jenji Kohan tells a story and how she masterfully makes you love/hate the unlikely heroine. And let’s face it: Alex Voss is a total babe. I loved the cinematography in The Dallas Buyer’s Club and am really looking forward to Jean-Marc Vallee’s next film Wild with Reese Witherspoon. As far as websites, I’m not gonna lie — I spend a lot of time on  It’s a great mix of art and culture and cuteness. Plus, let’s face it, sometimes you just need to see pictures of pugs re-enacting Game of Thrones.

7. Name a few people who inspire you.
I am inspired daily by roomie and life partner, Acton. He has such a kind spirit, and is an extremely humble and talented artist. I don’t know where I would be without him in my life to laugh with.  I am also inspired by my dad, who instilled in me a strong work ethic and supports me in all of the crazy things I do.

The Audience Awards connects filmmakers to audiences.  Vote for your favorite short films today.




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