Michelle Anglin Hopes for an AAWIC Webisode Win

March 21, 2017

The New York filmmaker has three entries in the webisode competition

Michelle Anglin is a writer, director and editor from New York. She started as a playwright, having success with plays such as Hello, An Elevated Christmas, The Lord Knows, Woman to Woman and I Lost My Heart in Haiti, for which she was awarded the Tropicalfete’s Award of Excellence in 2010. Her screenwriting journey began in 2012 when she found her “very vivid imagination” a complement to the screenplay. She took some classes on production and directing and ventured into shooting her first webseries, “Boughetto,” which she has entered into AAWIC’s webisode competition, along with two other webseries pitches: “Three Angry Women” and “One Last Chance.”

“Boughetto” is the story of five female friends living in a New York ghetto. We’re introduced to each character by Chrissy who lets us know right away that they’ve earned the label “boughetto” (a combination of bougie and ghetto) because “We all grew up in the ‘hood and we are all trying to get out.” We meet Michele, Tina, Angie and Lexus, whose mother named her that because that’s where Lexus was conceived. “We’re all single, fabulous and struggling,” …… says. The first 20-minute episode takes place in one of the girls’ apartments where they play cards and talk about dating, Facebook stalking and and what the word “benefit” means in “friends with benefits,” the argument being that a “benefit” is life insurance, health insurance or a pension plan.

Watch “Boughetto,” by Michelle Anglin

She’s working on a feature film, a short and another webisode series. She’s hoping the AAWIC Webisodes Film Festival Challenge will help her keep moving forward with her dreams. “What also keeps me motivated is seeing a film in a whole different way, watching it and realizing that I now know every shot angle, it’s like magic to me and I want to make magic.”



Mar 22, 2017 at 12:00pm MST (America/Denver)


Mar 24, 2017 at 12:00pm MDT (America/Denver)

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