Filmmaker Angela Terga Shoots for Enlightenment

March 21, 2017

Her trailer for fantasy series “Hybrid” enters the AAWIC ring

“Growing up, filmmaking wasn’t a career choice for someone like me,” says Angela Terga. She’s just one of the women who submitted to AAWIC’s webisode contest. She was a teacher before she discovered a passion for filmmaking at 50 years old. It was then, she says, “I knew happiness and freedom.”

With the help of her friend Cocoa, her sister and her son David, she was able to shoot enough of her pilot pitch “Hybrid” to make a trailer to submit to the contest. During the process of pursuing filmmaking, she has commuted 100 miles in order to save money. Terga explains the premise of her spec series on her filmmaker portfolio: “Hounded by the ruthless geneticists’ hitman and law enforcement agencies, a pure but lethal hybrid wreaks havoc in the cities of the modern world before the Ecotomb.”

Hybrid, by Angela Terga

“Inspiration,” she says, “came from wanting to save the rainforest and envisioning a utopian society.” Terga’s filmmaking certainly leans toward fantasy. Her next project is called “Isabel III” and centers around “a latin starlet” who finds her diary from a past life which leads her to redemption.

It’s the attitude and wisdom she’s gained as a 50-year-old woman that is Terga’s strength as a new filmmaker. “The independent film industry is growing. There are niche, global, cross-cultural, cross-genre, cross-gender audiences to tap into. It is a pleasure to see that the world practices and learns compassion through films. That’s what motivates me, to seek world peace by telling timeless stories of enlightenment.”

Her advice to fellow filmmakers: “Discover who you are first, then proceed. Be honest to yourself. Be happy doing whatever it takes towards your vision without selling your soul. And then your soul will shine and be free to expand and achieve the goals you’ve set and visualized.”

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