Congratulations to the 2016 Music Film & Video Contest Winners

June 6, 2016

In the 2016 Music Film & Video Contest 37 films competed for $690 total prize value and invaluable exposure. Competing films received 2,250 votes and over 5,300 film views! To watch the winning videos click on the image or the film name!

2016 Music

Winner of the first place Audience Award: Jordan Wills with “Babraham Lincoln”

  1. “I’m a nine-to-fiver with a creative itch I scratch by making music and videos. After forming a band with my neighbors I thought I’d revisit a childhood interest in stop motion animation for our first music video. I dug the result, found your cool community online and thought I’d submit.
  2. Winning the audience prize has been a big reminder how how lucky I am in the friends I’ve kept. I was nervous about pestering them to vote but they did most of the campaigning, spreading it to their friends in person and on social media. To be the recipient of generosity and support like that was surprisingly heartwarming.
  3. All of this cash prize will go to fund the next Babraham Lincoln music video.”

Winner of the first place Audience Award: Jordan Wills with “Babraham Lincoln

2016 Music

Second place Audience Award Noomi Spook with “Do You Feel Alive – The Vigil”

Second place Audience Award Noomi Spook with “Do You Feel Alive – The Vigil”

2016 Music

Third place Audience Award Winner: Zita Jett with “Channel 199”

  1. “I’m an entrepreneur in cinematography.  I’m aiming to film international soon.  There’s something I want the world to see!  
  2. I competed in this contest for three reasons.
  • To gain exposure as an entrepreneur.
  • To attract  fans towards the amazingly talented band, Wolfgang Marrow. 
  • The prize money would have helped to bring down my study loan & invest in gear.

      3. Winning will mean that I’m not too shabby or that I have lots of fans  😀  but it will be such a great experience to get it.

I’m too grateful for the credit!  Thank you Audience Awards!”

-Third place Audience Award Winner: Zita Jett with “Channel 199”

2016 Music

First place jury winner: Sylvia Basleh with “ANG O SOLH FARHAD BAZLEH”

First place jury winner: Sylvia Basleh with “ANG O SOLH FARHAD BAZLEH”

2016 Music

Second place jury winner: Mikaël Vecchio with “I Come in Pieces-Underdogs”

“I’m a french director, actor and editor. I made a school of cinema (EICAR) and a school of theatre (Ecole Florent). I grown up, worked a lot on tv and productions and made experiences.

I decided in November 2015 to open my production, WIZART STUDIO.

“I COME IN PIECES” is the first project of the production. We decided to complete in THE SHORT MUSIC VIDEO CONTEST 2016 because it’s a great opportunity to be exposed and diffuse. However, it’s exciting to be in an international competition.

Winning the 2nd Jury prize is a great honor and a real pleasure. Being recognized by a jury is, for me, a sign of exigency and quality. I’m very proud of that. The international way of the competition make this victory very pleasant.

I don’t know how I will use this Jury prize. Maybe in AudNews Features!”

Second place jury winner: Mikaël Vecchio with “I Come in Pieces-Underdogs”


2016 Music

Third place jury winner: Annabel Thorpe with “More Than Music”

“I am a highschool student, Editor-in-chief of my school paper, and director of the broadcast program I personally started this year. I fell in love with telling stories through video about two years ago, and since then I have freelanced with several magazines, placed 2nd in the nation with my broadcast program in its first year of being on air, and won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the UIL Young Filmmakers Festival. This year is my second year to intern with the Dallas Morning News. I competed in this contest to share my video with as many people as possible. I also wanted to compete in a competition that was for people of all ages.

Winning the jury prize means my video is considered well made on a professional level. As a high school student, it is great to know judges like my video over people who are much older and probably have more experience than me. It gives me confidence in my talents, and that I am heading in the right direction with my life!”

Third place jury winner: Annabel Thorpe with “More Than Music

Congratulations to the winners! Check out upcoming contests here!

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