Presenting Live Action Short Video Contest Winners

April 6, 2016

The 2016 Live Action Short Video Contest has come to a close! 12 films competed for $800 and exposure. The contest received over 1200 votes and over 2300 individual film views! Click on the image or the film name to view the best!

Ron Hudson The Road Less Traveled

Ron Hudson “The Road Less Traveled”

“I’ve served as an independent videographer for almost ten years now but I do like to break away and make little films here and there, although not as much as I’d like. I do enjoy embracing all the thrills and challenges that indie filmmaking presents and I’ve met a lot of great people along the way! So it’s a passion I really enjoy! Honestly, the contest was discovered by my partner and close friend, Becky Holt. She strongly suggested we give this a shot and I’m glad I listened! So she deserves all the credit and she’s been absolutely wonderful and a huge help in the two years that I’ve worked with her (she also co-produced The Road Less Traveled).
It really means we have a big group of friends and supporters as we couldn’t have won this without their help! So needless to say, it means more than the universe to both of us knowing we have a great group of friends we can count on! I wish I could single each person out and thank them all by name, but this would literally turn into a novel.
It’ll all go toward a web series we’re trying to get off the ground and hope to possibly pitch it to networks! It’s a tedious process and realistically, I know the odds are always against you, but despite that, we’re going to give it a shot and see where it goes. Every little bit helps and this will certainly come in handy” ~Ron Hudson, First Place Audience Live Action Winner with “The Road Less Traveled
Ashley Denise (Nuanse Entertainment,) Second Place Audience Live Action Winner with "Viceroy"

Ashley Denise (Nuanse Entertainment) “Viceroy”

“My name is Ashley Denise, and I’m an independent filmmaker based in Harlem, New York. Together with my business partner, Ricki Lynee, we run a boutique production company named Nuanse Entertainment. Nuanse’s goal is to create colorful characters for every genre. We decided to compete in this contest because it seemed like a great way to introduce Viceroy to a new audience. The film was originally released in 2013, and it is always a joy to get feedback from those who have never seen it before. Winning the audience award is exciting mainly because of the way our friends, family and audience were able to rally together to get Viceroy into the top 3. It was also wonderful to receive such a positive response from friends and family members who had never seen the film–hearing that they watched it for the first time, and loved it.
We are nearing the end of production on the new season of our webseries, Anthology (which also stars the two lead actors from Viceroy), so the cash prize will be used for expenses related to production and post-production on the show.” ~Ashley Denise (Nuanse Entertainment,) Second Place Audience Live Action Winner with “Viceroy
Dani Venen, Third Place Audience Live Action Winner with"Eyes"

Dani Venen “Eyes”

“I am a 21-year-old filmmaker and professional editor. The entire filming process is one of my favorite experiences and I love creating new material, bringing my visions to life, and sharing experiences with other aspiring filmmakers. I found this contest and I thought it would be great to enter my favorite film I had made. It’s short, intense, and has potential; a perfect fit. Winning third place, to me, is still a victory. Big or small, I competed fairly and enjoyed and complimented the other films competing with me. I became inspired by the films, and first and second place were so deserving for their winnings. I am honored to win third place! With the cash prize, I will definitely put it towards my future with my boyfriend. It may be a small amount, but every penny counts. And I am honored to receive this prize. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! I plan to enter more contests in the future!” ~Dani Venen, Third Place Audience Live Action Winner with “Eyes

Monica Hyde, First Place Jury Live Action Winner with "3314_DRAWCARD"

Monica Hyde “3314_DRAWCARD”

Monica Hyde, First Place Jury Live Action Winner with “3314_DRAWCARD

Andrew Zuchero, Second Place Live Action Jury Winner with"The Apocalypse"

Andrew Zuchero, Second Place Live Action Jury Winner with”The Apocalypse”

“I’m a filmmaker living in Brooklyn who knows the virtue of being part of a community of filmmakers. I work/collaborate with pals at Greencard New York, started by friends after graduating from NYU and evolving into a community of likeminded artists. Winning the jury prize is an honor! I will use this prize to geek out on shorts” ~Andrew Zuchero, Second Place Live Action Jury Winner with “The Apocalypse

Thomas Scohy, Third Place Live Action Jury Winner with "Wilson"

Thomas Scohy “Wilson”

“I’m a French young filmmaker, very much influenced by US directors (such as the Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton), and I’m starting to apply to american festivals to show my movies to US audiences. Applying to the Audience Awards was part of the process. I’m very honoured to win this 3rd place jury prize, to me this is an important message regarding the artistic and technical quality of the movie. It is also a very motivating thing to keep myself willing to improve. I think I will use this prize to re-apply to other Audience Awards contests.” ~Thomas Scohy, Third Place Live Action Jury Winner with “Wilson

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Congratulations to all of the winners! You can watch all of the competing films in 2016 Live Action Short Video Contest here.

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