Top filmmaking equipment: Sunbounce

June 28, 2016

What is your company’s mission?

To develop light enhancing tools as compact and light as possible.

Why is the SUNBOUNCE-SYSTEM so different!

THE SUNBOUNCE-SYSTEM consists of a patented, three-dimensional, dismountable frame made of the best aluminium. Different screens are available that fit this unique frame perfectly: reflecting, translucent, light-deflecting or light-structuring. You can select from different sizes. The frames are extremely light, robust and fit into a bag with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches (5-8 cm) and a maximum length of approx. 135 cm. The SUNBOUNCE system is an effective lighting tool for every photography situation.

What is your best selling product?

Sunbouncer PRO SILVER & SUN-SWATTER 2/3rd


Ⓒ Sascha Hüttenhain & Harald Kröher – Lanzarote

Why do filmmakers chose your lighting equipment?

Smaller crews need smaller, more compact equipment. Everything needs to be as compact, light and transportableas possible without any compromise in quality

How do filmmakers access your equipment?

Through HBI (Hasselblad Bron Inc.) or local rental companies

Are there any special offerings you have that you would like filmmakers to know about?

SUN-SWATTER the “walking shadow” and NO MOIRE NETTING is finer than usual material.

Brag quote from a filmmaker?

“California Sunbounce is a must have on every filmset, it is robust, reliable and it’s quality of bounce light – and that is it’s major advantage – is outstanding. Doesn’t matter if it is an indie shooting or a huge feature film set, you will find California Sunbounce everywhere, because there is nothing better to work with.”

-Tom Fährmann,Professor at the cinematography department of the University for Television and Film Munich, Germany

Check out the website here.

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