Top 6 Filmmaker Equipment Resources

June 30, 2016

Equipment is important! Finding the right filmmaking equipment for the right price can take up valuable time that is better spent turning your stories into films. We have compiled a list of equipment resources to help make your decisions easier. Here are 6 top notch filmmaker equipment sites!


What is your product or products?

We are a rental house based in Atlanta, GA, with another office in Dallas, TX. We are also able to ship anywhere inside the continental United States. We carry a variety of Canon, Nikon, Zeiss, Sony & Panasonic Lenses, Cameras, Accessories, Video Equipment and more.

What do filmmakers like the most about your product?

We provide filmmakers the ability to upgrade their gear without the high cost of purchasing. If their client or project requires a higher-grade camera, they can rent one from us for the duration of the production and then return it when they are done. Also, we provide some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

How do filmmakers access your equipment?

Through our website. They can either pick up from one of our two offices or we ship it directly to the filmmaker.

Are there any special offerings you have that you’d like filmmakers to know about?

Your users can apply a discount of 10% off using the code: AUDIENCEAWARDS on the screen with the shopping cart.

“Seriously, move over NYC or ATL rental houses – this is where to rent gear for productions. Reliable, useful, convenient, and the source for rental gear.” Carlos M – 1/27/2016

“Aperturent makes renting camera equipment amazingly simple. Just browse online, add what you want to your cart and select when you want to pick it up (if you’re lucky enough to be local that is!) Their customer service is excellent and their inventory is great.  It’s always expanding too, so if they don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask and they’ll help you out. Oscar, Lili and Julie are fabulous!  Once you rent from Aperturent, you won’t want to go anywhere else.” Rebecca E – 04/26/2012


Blackmagic Design

What is your product or products?

We offer a range of products that cover the spectrum of production and post production – this includes the world’s highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring, routers, live production switchers, disk recorders, waveform monitors and real time film scanners for the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries.

What do filmmakers like the most about your product (or what is your hero product & why?)

Our products are designed for filmmakers who work on everything from low-budget indies, all the way up to big Hollywood blockbusters. Filmmakers love how they can get high quality products regardless of what their budgets are.

We don’t have a hero product since we focus on so many different aspects of filmmaking, but our customers are very excited about two new digital film cameras that we’ve announced and are preparing to ship. The Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K provides a lightweight solution for filmmakers looking for a Super 35 digital film camera with up to 15 stops of dynamic range. Additionally, the Micro Cinema Camera is a miniaturized Super 16 digital film camera with 13 stops of dynamic range that is designed to be operated remotely. Both cameras are currently with beta testers and should be available soon.

Additionally, DaVinci Resolve 12, our professional editing and color correction software, and Fusion 8, our visual effects and motion graphics software, are both very popular with filmmakers. Both DaVinci Resolve and Fusion have free versions of the software that are meant for individual editors, colorists and VFX artists, as well as Studio versions that are intended for larger post houses. With the free versions, any filmmaker with a Mac or Windows computer can get access to the same high-end post production tools used by Hollywood’s elite artists.

How do filmmakers access your equipment?

Our products are available through our many resellers. Our website can help filmmakers identify their local reseller through this link: Additionally, the free versions of DaVinci Resolve 12 and Fusion 8 are available for download through our website: and

Are there any special offerings you have that you’d like filmmakers to know about?

We recently made DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio available in the Mac App Store for $499 (compared to its normal cost of $995.) The Mac App Store version allows filmmakers more flexibility since they can run the software on multiple Mac computers by using their Apple ID. Filmmakers who need to switch between Mac and Windows or who don’t have Mac OS X can still purchase DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio with a hardware dongle from our resellers. For more information, filmmakers can visit:

We also recently announced a bundle for our ATEM Production Studio 4K and HyperDeck Studio 12G products. The offer combines a live production switcher and broadcast recorder for a total of $2,495 (compared to their normal total of $4,190.) With the bundle, filmmakers can get a live production solution that’s future proof because it’s designed for Ultra HD. For more information, filmmakers can visit:

“[DaVinci] Resolve is fast, and this is part of why I love using it. It works in real time with no rendering, which is very helpful if I have to show different looks.” – Joe Finley, Chainsaw, regarding work with DaVinci Resolve Studio on “Game of Thrones.”

“Episodic work requires feature film quality. Fusion has a long track record of being fast and scalable, giving the highest quality results with the quickest rendering and processing and that still holds true. That type of productivity and intuitiveness in our tools is what’s needed to keep pace with today’s post production schedules.” – Fred Pienkos, Muse VFX, regarding work with Fusion Studio on “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.”

“The Blackmagic cameras give us amazing images, and our grips and rigging guys love that they can set them up anywhere without getting in the way of the acting. Based on our initial camera tests and the use on the show, we now have the confidence to use the cameras wherever needed. Our colorist tells me the footage integrates easily with our main cameras.” – Christian Sebaldt, DP, regarding work with Blackmagic Cinema Camera on CBS’ “Rush Hour.”

Visit Blackmagic Design.


What is your product or products?

CameraLends is the world’s largest peer-to-peer lending community for camera and video equipment. We help photographers and filmmakers connect with local owners to rent gear at the most affordable rates – without deposit or shipping. We strive to provide the best customer service to our members, maintaining a trusted marketplace for owners to earn the most from their unused gear, with the security that the equipment is fully protected from damage or loss.

What do filmmakers like the most about your product (or what is your hero product & why?)

Filmmakers like that we offer a way for them to make extra money from their gear with the confidence that any damages or loss will be covered. Renters appreciate the low cost and ability to rent gear with short notice with flexible pickup/return times.

How do filmmakers access your equipment?

To find the gear that’s available near you, simply head to and search for what you need. Make a request with a local lender for when you need to pickup and plan to return, and they’ll approve or decline depending on their schedule. Once approved, you’ll confirm with payment and coordinate pickup details directly with the lender.

Are there any special offerings you have that you’d like filmmakers to know about?

We regularly run special promotions, but all new renters can save 10% off their first rental with the coupon code, #RentLocalNow


“Fantastic service, helpful people. It’s a great way to support indie filmmakers and DPs in LA who have equipment they’re not using all the time.” – David K., Los Angeles

Visit CameraLends.


What is your product or products?

Nikon makes a wide range of professional and consumer DSLR cameras, as well as premium NIKKOR optics, which are a great choice for cinema products. Currently, Nikon’s lineup includes the consumer level D5500 DSLR, and the professional level D810 and D750. Nikon has also just recently announced the D5 and D500, which feature 4K UHD video capture.

What do filmmakers like the most about your product (or what is your hero product & why?)

Filmmakers choose Nikon products for a variety of reasons. First, there is a vast lens selection of amazing NIKKOR optics, which are super sharp, and let creators produce beautiful images with a striking depth of field. Nikon cameras are also popular because of their wide dynamic range, image quality and their amazing low light ability. Pro videographers also appreciate the uncompressed HDMI output to a digital recorder, which is helpful for a wide variety of applications and workflows.

How do filmmakers access your equipment?

Nikon equipment can be purchased from any Nikon authorized dealer, or you can find equipment at many rental houses.

Are there any special offerings you have that you’d like filmmakers to know about?

D750 and D810 Film makers kits include everything needed to get started in Cinema, including a camera body, a hand-picked selection of lenses, filters and a Digital recorder.

“A photographer always has that perfect frame, that perfect moment in mind,” remarks Matthias Hangst. “The Nikon D5 gives me freedom to concentrate on the creative part of my job. I prefer to not spend a lot of time thinking about the mechanics and complications of capture; I prefer to focus on making my best images. The right technology does not require you to think about it; just use it.”

Visit Nikon.


What is your product or products?

SKB Corporation manufactures high quality photo and video cases for all types of cameras, video recorders, laptop and monitor cases and even GoPro camera cases that make transportation of a filmmaker’s precious equipment effortless. In addition to photo and video cases, we also make music, sporting goods cases and military/industrial cases as well.

What do filmmakers like the most about your product (or what is your hero product & why?)

The SKB iSeries line of cases are more durable and weigh less than our competitor’s products. All of our video and camera cases feature a lifetime warranty and our iSeries line of cases are all watertight, dust-proof and come equipped with an Automatic Ambient Pressure Equalization Valve that allows the case to “free breathe.” This valve equalizes pressures caused by altitude or temperature changes, so the filmmaker’s equipment is protected at all times, even when completely submersed under water.

How do filmmakers access your equipment?

We’re a manufacturer of injected molded cases. Our factory is here in Orange, CA and our cases are sold at many popular retailers. Our filmmaker and camera cases can be found nationally and internationally at various retailers such as B & H Photo, Sammy’s Camera, Amazon and Adorama.

Are there any special offerings you have that you’d like filmmakers to know about?

We have cases that are custom cut for specific cameras, offered through our re-sellers. We offer cases that have pre-cut foam interiors for specific cameras such as the Cannon C300MK2 and our 3i-201510F5 case is made just for the Sony F5 or F55 video cameras (with the DVF-EL100 or DVF-L350 viewfinder attached).

Check out SKB.

Samy’s Camera

What is your product or products?

Currently celebrating out 40th year in Los Angeles, Samy’s Camera is the largest independent camera retailer in Southern California. We carry all the major brands of still and video products ranging from enthusiast level to top end professional equipment used by major film and television production companies.

How do filmmakers access your equipment?

Samy’s Camera has six bricks and mortar stores throughout California – Los Angeles, Pasadena, Culver City, Santa Ana (Orange County), Santa Barbara and San Francisco.  Our Los Angeles store on Fairfax Avenue has become an iconic building and through regular retail and it’s pro-department it is the store of choice for many top filmmakers and aspiring ones too.  Many Samy’s Camera outlets – including our corporate headquarters in Playa Vista – also have rental departments which allow filmmakers and photographers to rent the most recent and top end filming equipment for their productions.

Any there any special offerings you have that you’d like filmmakers to know about?

In addition, we have an online operation at that ships nationwide with a rewards program that offers 3% rewards on most camera and video purchase.

Samy’s DV & Edit in Playa Vista is staffed by cinema experts and services professional cinematographers, film students and anybody looking for state of the art cinema gear.

Check out Samy’s Camera.

And some more!

Cinema Gadgets –

Decode –

Atomos –

3 Legged Thing –

Tiffen –

LowePro –

How did we do? Is there one that we missed? Tell us in the comments!

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