Women Startup Challenge Finalist Katie Brenner and bluDiagnostics

June 27, 2016


bluDiagnostics is the first app to enable women to understand their body through revolutionary saliva-based measurement technology that gives women immediate, quantitative data about their hormone levels.

Watch Katie Brenner‘s pitch by clicking the video above.

What inspired you to start this company?

In the midst of my own struggle with infertility, I felt trapped by over the counter options that gave me no answers to the “why” when month after month they said “no”. Then I had blood tests 3x each month that were painful and expensive but completely inconclusive about why I couldn’t get pregnant. So out of personal experience, I want to empower all women with the data that can help them to understand their bodies, and to make educated choices about their bodies and fertility.

What has been your greatest lesson thus far?

It took me a long time to believe that others would think this company and its mission were important. When I finally decided to take the risk and go for it, the outpouring of support was incredible. So the greatest lesson has been that it is worthwhile to take a risk and believe in yourself.

What is the biggest pain point you’re solving within your business?

Our product merges multiple markets and bridges technology categories (medical device, consumer product, app). Investors often prefer specific technology categories with which they are already familiar. So we are working hard to connect with investors who not only love the idea, but are familiar enough with all of our technology spaces to invest in us.

What’s your proudest moment thus far? (Go ahead and brag!)

We’ve won multiple competitions and had fantastic press, all of which we are very grateful for, but the proudest moment remains winning Grand Prize in the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Competition. This is a competitive state-wide event, and it was also the first pitch competition we ever entered. It was a huge surprise to win Grand Prize. That moment catalyzed momentum for everything that has happened since.

What is the one thing your potential customer needs to know about your product?

We will deliver the information about your body and fertility that you yearn for. No more late nights lying awake wondering “am I even able to get pregnant?” “Am I already too old?” We will be there with you until there is a baby, giving you the information you need to get there with less stress, much faster. No more guessing. You need and deserve to know.

Anything else you’d like to add?

bluDiagnostics is led by women, for women.

You can watch all 10 of the Women Startup Challenge Finalists pitch their companies here. Follow this link for more information on the Women Startup Challenge.

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