The votes are in! Check out the Director’s Challenge Video Contest Winners!

February 9, 2016

The Votes are in and we have our winners! 41 films were submitted, garnering over 9,500 votes and almost 18,000 film views. The winners of the Director’s Challenge Video Contest were awarded $17,000 total in prizes. Want to take your shot at $17,000? The 100th Hotel Opening Video Contest is open for submissions until Feb. 22 and is again awarding $17,000 in prizes for a minute or less video showing off Home2’s cool factor! Follow this link for more details and to enter!

The first place jury award winner for Director’s Challenge is Filmmaker Evan Moore and “Ants on a log.”

Filmmaker Evan Moore's "Ants on a log"

Filmmaker Evan Moore’s “Ants on a log”

“We had a lot of fun shooting, running around downtown with me trying to look like a serious business guy. We knew that the success of the idea hinged on a natural, conversational delivery, and so the “interview” part of it was sort of half-written, half-improvised. Our goal was to approach the brief in an offbeat, unexpected way, to make something that totally doesn’t feel like a commercial. I’m really happy with the result, but I’m especially happy with all of the positive response from Hilton and The Audience Awards community. Winning the first place jury award just feels amazing. I plan to use the prize money for better sound and lighting equipment, and for funding future film projects. Film funding can be pretty hard to come by, so this prize means a lot, and it really will go a long way. ”

~Evan Moore


The second place jury winner is Filmmaker Adam Rutland and “Homewood Suites.” He plans to “use the funds to upgrade equipment for my freelance video business.”

Filmmaker Adam Rutland's "Homewood Suites"

Filmmaker Adam Rutland’s “Homewood Suites”

First place Audience Award winner is Filmmaker Victor Okoye’s “The Homewood Suites tale.”

Filmmaker Victor Okoye's "The Homewood Suites tale."

Filmmaker Victor Okoye’s “The Homewood Suites tale.”

Second place Audience Award winner is Filmmaker Brigitte Meehan’s “Homewood Suites.”

Filmmaker Brigitte Meehan's "Homewood Suites."

Filmmaker Brigitte Meehan’s “Homewood Suites.”

In third place Audience Award winner is Filmmaker William Anderson’s “Homewood Suites by Hilton Directors Challenge.”

Filmmaker William Anderson's"Homewood Suites by Hilton Directors Challenge."

Filmmaker William Anderson’s “Homewood Suites by Hilton Directors Challenge.”

Congratulations to the winners! Don’t forget to enter your own film to the 100th Hotel Opening Video Contest!

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