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October 25, 2021

Video Editing

Create or improve your videos with compelling editing and post-production. Get Unmatched Quality From Proven Independent Professionals and Specialized Agencies. Browse a Talent Pool of Freelance Video Editors to Find Experts in Minutes, Not Weeks. Secure Payments. Trusted by 1000+ Businesses. Grow Your Team Quickly.

Types of video editors

Before we go any further though, let’s look at some terms here to make sure we’re both talking about the same thing when it comes to hiring a video editor for your YouTube videos.

DIY Video editors:

That’s you, or someone on your team, editing all your content, whilst trying to do loads of other none editing-related things.

Freelance video editor:

Usually (ok, hopefully) a former full-time professional that has gone solo with a handful of cherished clients. You could be one of them if you play your cards right.  Freelancers of all levels can be found on AudPop.

Outsourced video editors:

Plenty of video editing companies offer access to a pool of dedicated editors but what they’re really selling isn’t so much a particular editor but a ‘job done’ service. If you need more help or less help over time, you just scale up or scale back.

Full-time video editor:

You’re all in with one editor. As much as you have a dedicated editor that is working only on your projects five days a week, they rely on you alone for a pipeline of work and a salary. That means hiring a full-time video editor means payroll paperwork, holiday and sickness pay, pension scheme, and tax. But it also means building a team culture and robust capacity.

What makes a good video editor?

So you might be at a stage right now where you’re editing your own videos for YouTube or for marketing and it’s taking up a lot of your time.

You might also be thinking that you want to up your quality and suddenly your computer’s running slow so you’re going to need a new one. Perhaps you want to add some professional music and images, so you’ll need a few subscriptions.

Also, you may have discovered as many do, that even if your editing is great, it doesn’t excite you like all the other aspects of running a channel.

Everyone has a unique set of skills that they can execute quickly and with real flair without getting exhausted by them. They actually love doing it well. At the same time we all know we have skills we can be good at but they take a lot of time.

Then there are some we’re merely competent at even if we can do them quickly and finally some there’s some that we’re frankly rubbish at.

Recommendations for your description on AudPop Video Editing Job

  • Explain your project and the deliverable(s)
  • Describe the type of skills the freelancer you’re looking for should have (i.e. skill level, type of experience)
  • Highlight anything that’s unique about the project or team
  • Examples that help illustrate what you’re looking for
  • A document with more detailed project/deliverable requirements
  • A style guide or similar reference documentation
  • Inspiration or ideas, such as a concept or mood board

Today’s top 2 best video editors

Apple Final Cut Pro X – top honors for Mac users
It may be aimed squarely at the professional end of the market, but Apple Final Cut Pro X is not needlessly complicated and its ‘trackless’ timeline is super intuitive. You pay for it upfront rather than monthly, so it’s likely to work out very affordable in the long run if you’re in video editing for keeps.

Need to edit a video on the cheap? AudPop’s choice for the three best easy free video editing software in 2021

Davinci Resolve

Vimeo Create


Should I pay for a premium video editor?

To state the blindingly obvious, premium video editors tend to have advantages that free ones don’t. Those advantages tend to come in the form of resources: resources to develop apps that squeeze the most performance out of high-end hardware, resources to develop better effects, resources to fix show-stopping bugs, resources to make sure the app works on the latest hardware, resources to polish the interface and create help files and how-tos and all the other things you’d expect from professional software. But of course, that comes at a price – $300ish for Final Cut Pro X, for example.If you’re a pro, time is money so you spend money to save time, whether that’s the time it takes to render your footage or the time you can’t afford to spend shouting “WHY GOD, WHY?” when the app doesn’t do exactly what you want or crashes mid-edit.Free apps are aimed at a more forgiving and less demanding kind of user. That’s not to say they can’t do great things. They can. But they often take a hand-holding approach that focuses on the basics and doesn’t give you access to the fine detail. They might take a good-enough approach to performance rather than a “Steven Spielberg needs this NOW!” no-compromise approach, and their effects may be simpler than the pro ones.

Is free video editing software good enough?

It can be. Movies made in Apple’s iMovie have wowed crowds at film festivals over the years, and some people have made perfectly good movies using just it and an iPhone.There are many decent free video apps out there, but there are a few things to consider. Performance, especially encoding and exporting, isn’t always up there with the big hitters, and you’ll often find that features are only available if you buy in-app purchases or just aren’t there at all. Some stick an enormous watermark over everything you output; few offer any kind of technical support. Pro-level features are rarely offered because these apps aren’t designed for video pros.It’s worth being a bit pedantic here and differentiating between free commercial software and free open-source software. The former is often a cut-down version of a full product offered for free in the hope you’ll buy its big brother. The latter is usually a full product made available by individuals or teams of volunteers with no expectation of any financial reward. While open source acts can sometimes lack the polish and/or user-friendliness of commercial software they may well deliver all the features you need without requiring you to spend any money.

Why should I care about free software?

Video is the new rock’n’roll: where children used to dream of being rock stars, now they dream of being YouTube vloggers. Meanwhile, video has become the lingua franca of the internet, from viral clips and video responses to indie films and glossy corporate presentations.The one thing they almost all have in common is editing. That could be simple trimming to cut a clip at the appropriate place, or it could involve mixing multiple clips together, changing the soundtrack, and adding a whole bunch of special effects. To do these things you’ll need a video editing app.

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