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Fiverr vs AudPop: Which is Best?

October 22, 2021

Fiverr is becoming a powerhouse within the freelancing world, with 2.3 million freelancers actively registered as sellers on the platform. Fiverr provides a space for any and all freelancers, which has both its benefits and drawbacks. Of the 2.3 million freelancers on the platform, you’ll find just over 1,100 when you search for “video creative” itself. Fiverr may be a big name in freelancing, giving a space for all types of freelancers, but it’s not great for niche types of talent, like video creatives.

If You Need Something Quick, Fiverr is a Great Resource

Whether you are a business looking to hire a freelancer as soon as possible, or you’re an up-and-coming freelancer looking for a quick buck, Fiverr is a great resource. The platform takes 20% of seller profits, and in return, allows buyers (businesses, said differently) to come to them. That is where Fiverr differs from many freelancing platforms, such as UpWork, as the buyers have to find the sellers, not the other way around. That dynamic does allow buyers to find a profile that stands out and purchase their service immediately, making the transaction quick. Though speed is always great, the model presents some problems for both sellers and buyers.

Fiverr’s Strengths

  • The variety of services available on Fiverr makes it a fantastic one-stop-shop. Businesses can find freelancers available from content writers to video creatives to even virtual assistants.
  • There is no arguing the speed of Fiverr. Once a buyer finds a freelancer they would like to work with, they can purchase the service with just a couple of clicks. Given the massive quantity of freelancers on the platform, many offer quick turnarounds in their attempt to standout, a great benefit to buyers.
  • Fiverr’s platform is very intuitive, operating similarly to a marketplace like Amazon, with search filters that help buyers sift through the countless pages of freelancers offering the service they’re looking for.

Fiverr’s Weaknesses

  • Quality control is limited on Fiverr, and given the platform tends to be a starting place for freelancers as they learn their industry, buyers can’t expect professional quality with every seller.
  • Being very buyer-centric, with a large cut being taken from freelancers, Fiverr tends to have a lot of unhappy sellers. Freelancers are lacking support and making far less than they would if they worked elsewhere. Dissatisfied freelancers are not going to provide exceptional results, hurting buyers.
  • The wide variety of categories presents a problem for more specialized industries, like video. Fiverr itself is not a specialist in any industry but freelancing itself, which takes away from their ability to support specialized niches.

AudPop is Fantastic for Companies Requiring Quality Video Help, Fast

AudPop brings freelancers to companies, not the other way around (as seen on Fiverr). With Fiverr, businesses have to sort through page after page, reading profile after profile, just to find a potential freelancer to work with. AudPop allows companies to create campaigns, which are creative briefs outlining their project details. From there, video creatives apply to the campaign with an introductory video and sizzle reel that highlight how they stand out for the project. After that, companies simply review the applications, which highlight the quality of work the freelancer can provide, and they select which video creative they would like to hire. The model keeps businesses from having to sort through the 75,000 world-class global video creatives on the site, saving valuable time.

AudPop’s Strengths

  • Specialization within video and animation allows AudPop to have far more experienced video creatives (with stronger quality control) than what businesses can find on a platform like Fiverr.
  • Due to AudPop not being a space for any and all types of work, it is far easier to find the exact freelancer companies need for their project, with a fraction of the effort.
  • AudPop is still growing, and it’s doing so rapidly. That growth allows businesses to help shape the future of the platform with experience-based feedback.

AudPop’s Weaknesses

  • It is specialized, so unlike Fiverr, AudPop is not a one-stop shop for every type of freelancer your business may need to hire for various projects.
  • The lack of specialization means AudPop is not a general platform for differing types of work, even those that somewhat relate to video, like design.
  • The platform is still learning and growing within the freelancing world. That means AudPop lacks the name recognition Fiverr has, resulting in fewer freelancers and companies using the platform in total (for now).

Top Categories for Hiring AudPop Video Creatives

  • Video Editing

  • Video Production
  • Animation Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Videographers
  • Product Videos 
  • Social Media Videos
  • Short Video Ads 

AudPop is an exceptional resource for businesses looking for a seamless way to find video talent for their projects. The model ensures companies don’t have to spend countless hours finding potentially qualified creatives, bringing high-quality freelancers right to them. Additionally, AudPop provides a great space for video creatives, of all skill levels, to grow their expertise and business savvy with every submitted application. AudPop is unmatched in the freelancing world for video creatives and those seeking them.

Paige Williams

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