Congratulations to the Animation Shorts Film Competition winners!

July 27, 2015

The Animation Shorts Competition has come to a close with The Audience Awards presenting $500 to the  first, second and third place winners. There were 23 original entries that were watched over 2,000 times with the audience giving over  4,000 votes.

Coming in first place was “EmBarked” by Mikel Mugica, A delightful short film about a boy and his tree house.

A still from "EmBarked"

A still from “EmBarked”

“I am speechless, we are so happy our film won the competition!! Truly! Thank you so much!” commented Mike Mugica, “The Audience Awards has shown me that working hard pays off, and it has made me realize that people truly like my work and that I’ve done something I should be incredibly proud of! It truly means a lot to me and my team to take this win! There are some pretty incredible films on that list and the fact that ours got 1st place makes us incredibly happy.” Find out more about Mikel Mugica and follow his career on The Audience Awards. You can watch his first place film here.

In second place was the short film “Pokey Pokey” by Junjie Zhang. A short animation that discusses the arising trend of over-protecting children.

A still from "Pokey Pokey"

A still from “Pokey Pokey”

“I am so happy that I can have this experience attending The Audience Awards’ Animation Short Films Competition.” Shared Junjie Zhang, “This is my first time attending the on-line film competition. I’ve seen several great films in the competition and I am honored that I can win the second prize.” Be sure to keep updated with Junjie Zhang by following him at The Audience Awards. You can watch his film here!

Third place went to the short film “Can I Stay” by Katie Knudson, in which a homeless girl must traverse a  wintry city in order to escape her pursuers.

A still from "Can I stay"

A still from “Can I stay”

Learn more about Katie Knudson and follow her career here. Watch her film  “Can I stay” here.

Congratulations to the winners!

Submitting films to The Audience Awards gives filmmakers the needed exposure to help their filmmaking career.  The Audience Awards provides a unique opportunity in the form of press and social media engagement unlike anywhere else.

The current competition The Audience Awards is hosting is the Live Action Short Films. Voting ends on July 30th so be sure to check it out and vote for your favorite films!

The Audience Awards provides filmmakers opportunities to create short video content for brands and win money. Sign up today for your free account and join film’s community.


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