Presenting the DIY Video Contest Winners

June 23, 2016

Audience Awards filmmakers made a video that is 3 minutes or under showing off their best filmmaker tip. Check out the winners of the DIY Video Contest by clicking on the image or on the video name.

DIY Video Contest Winner

“How to make a DIY Teleprompter” by Alan Florencia

First place audience award winner  “How to make a DIY Teleprompter” by Alan Florencia

“I am honored to have won the competition, I am truly grateful.

This is the first time I participate in an online video contest and it’s amazing to have witnessed the community  of the Audience Awards participate in voting.  At first I was skeptical of entering the competition because I thought I didn’t have what it takes to win but the Audience Awards has allowed me to realize that there’s actually some talent in me ha ha. I am grateful I participated in such a great competition where your competitors actually comment on your video to tell you how great you did. The Audience Awards was a pleasant experience.

Ever since I took “Audio/Video” as an elective in High School, I have been in love with Video Production. I took “Audio/Video” for 3 years and I can honestly say its the best decision I ever made. With the experience in Video Production I obtained in High School I actually recieved my very first job as a Camera Operator at a stadium where I recorded Football games at the age of 16. I have been able to build a strong resume over time in the field of Video Production through works I made in High School and at home for social media. My biggest accomplishment so far has been filming and directing a “Don’t Text and Drive” commercial for the news station “KSAT 12” in San Antonio,Texas.

I was scrolling through the internet one day trying to find scholarships for college when all of a sudden The Audience Awards popped up as a search result. I clicked on the link and found the several competitions The Audience Awards was hosting and within those was the DIY competition; I instantly felt the urge to participate in it because I thought the teleprompter I had laying around was a great DIY to compete with. I began script writing and eventually ended up with a final version of my video.I was definitely nervous at first but now looking back at it I am very grateful I had the courage the click on that final “Submit” button.

Knowing I won a competition where an actual audience had the power to choose the winner makes me realize I am capable of conquering greater challenges. The community has allowed me to become aware of my capabilities. The prize money is a great bonus, I get to pay for college courses with it,  but the actual prize in my opinion is the comforting of knowing I accomplished something I never thought possible.

I intend to spend the cash prize on post secondary education. The cash prize will help me pursue my Masters in Radio, Television, Film.” ~Alan Florencia

DIY Video Contest

“How to Make a Movie in 3 Steps” by William Anderson

Second place audience award winner “How to Make a Movie in 3 Steps” by William Anderson

DIY Video Contest winner

“DIY Green Screen Setup” by Devin Frank

Third place audience award winner “DIY Green Screen Setup” by Devin Frank

DIY Video Contest winner

“How to Create a Cinematic Sequence” by Bo Clau

First place jury award winner “How to Create a Cinematic Sequence” by Bo Clau

“I’m a 17 years old filmmaker from Germany, who loves creating cinematic videos. I started doing my first video at the age of 14.  I competed in this contest because I always wanted to do that and with the DIY Filmmaker Contest I found a contest which I liked. I just wanted to see how I can compete against other filmmakers. 

For me winning the jury prize is a big honor, because in the jury are only people who know much about filmmaking. Although the prize in the audience voting is a lot higher, I’m more proud to win the jury prize than the audience prize.

I’ll probably use the jury prize for future contests entry fees.” ~ Bo Clau

DIY VIdeo Contest Winner

“Camera Clamp” by Wayne Jennings

Second place jury award winner “Camera Clamp” by Wayne Jennings

“I love making videos and sharing them with others.  My son and I have a website, where we post videos highlighting the adventures we have as we explore wilderness areas in Canada and the U.S..  From time to time we also post ‘gear review’ and ‘tip’ segment videos.  The video I made about the homemade camera clamp was one of our tip segment videos.  I thought it would be a good match for this specific contest.

I am very honored that my film was chosen by the jury.  It’s always a good thing when I can share my videos with other like-minded people.

I will probably use it to enter some of the contests that have a fee. I think I’ll be entering a film in the ‘Adventure Film’ contest” ~Wayne Jennings

DIY Video Contest Winner

“10 DIY Filmmaking Tips” by Mason Mashtare

Third place jury award winner “10 DIY Filmmaking Tips” by Mason Mashtare

Congratulations to the winners! Check out upcoming contests here!

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