Julianne Moore’s ‘Maps to the Stars’ to be released later this year

April 29, 2015

Maps To The Stars” is “Either The Funniest Horror Movie, or The Most Horrific Comedy,” reads the NPR review of Julianne Moore and John Cusack’s latest film. Moore has proven her versatility as an actor, and compared to her Academy Award winning performance, she makes a “180-degree turn” delivering “a tour de force of ego unleashed,” says Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers.

Contrary to her career in real life, in her upcoming film Moore plays an aging “B-List Hollywood actress whose luster is dimming in [director] David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars,” describes New York Times‘ Charles McGrath.

Check out the trailer to Maps To The Stars:

To read more visit NPR, The New York Times, and The Rolling Stones.

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