Moon Child by James Mills: Staff Pick

February 1, 2018

In staff pick film, Moon Childdirected by James Mills, three generations of women come together to tell the story of Vina Schmitt, grandmother, mother, and self-proclaimed “Moon Child” of Oceanside, California.

Sexually and physically abused by her stepfather as a child, Vina’s forced loss of boundaries led her to pursue a life of hard living filled with surfing, skating, and booze that extended far into her mothering years. Now a grandmother, Vina’s daughter and granddaughter recollect the ways in which Vina’s life story and mental health has impacted their own and wonder if the intergenerational trauma can be healed.  

James is an award-winning filmmaker who graduated from the USC Film School. James has created over 100 professional projects for clients including, NBA, Scion, Disney, Build-a-Bear, Holiday Inn, NCredible, BCBG and dozens of others. James often works with ROMBU Creative and Hunt Hours Pictures.

“This film was created and assorted not in spite of Vina and Tammy Schmitt, but rather in love of Vina and Tammy Schmitt – my grandmother and mother.” – James Mills

Watch Moon Child by James Mills

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