Presenting Olivia’s Oasis, Subject of the Documentary “The Oasis Affair”

July 27, 2016

What is your company’s mission?

In the spirit of simplicity, purity and authenticity, OLIVIA’S OASIS skincare products are made with 100% pure olive oil.

Why do you support the independent film community?

I feel that the independent film community is one of the best vehicles to tell stories that would otherwise remain untold.  They often give a voice to those who don’t have one.  They aspire to entertain but more importantly bring important issues to the forefront that need to be addressed.  They also bring us films that can alter our perceptions, our opinions and challenge our beliefs.  They offer us a rare window on topics that are not necessarily mainstream but often original, innovative and introspective.

Olivia's Oasis

Founder of Olivia’s Oasis Skincare Products,Deborah Kudzman and her daughter Olivia, Subject of the Documentary “The Oasis Affair”

Mass media does not always choose the most important stories, it has become a race for profit and popularity the same way that big business does not always bring you their best products, they cater to what sells.

Olivia’s Oasis tries to bring niche quality products in a mass produced world of  Unilevers and Proctor & Gambles. Independent film tries to bring fresh and original films in a world of big budget movies which are often dictated by producers instead of artists.

We need to encourage entrepreneurs, artists, innovators… we need a generation of rebels willing to go against the grain.  The Independent film community represents that and so much more, we need to support this community so it continues to flourish and thrive.

How does the film industry support your company?

Olivia’s Oasis was the subject of an extraordinary documentary The Oasis Affair, (  The documentary was selected for three film festivals including the LA Femme International Film Festival, WAMMFest and the Hamilton Film Festival where it was nominated for best documentary.

A David and Goliath story, The Oasis Affair features myself, Deborah Kudzman, small business owner of Olivia’s Oasis, who received a cease and desist letter from large and established corporation, Lassonde Inc., distributors of the brand Oasis juice.

A seven year legal battle ensued over trademark and what constitutes an “abusive” case vis-à-vis anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) legislation.

The independent film community supported our brand in a very direct way by selecting the film and sharing our story.

Olivia's Oasis

Founder of Olivia’s Oasis, Deborah Kudzman, at LA Femme Film Festival.

Is there anything else that you would like filmmakers to know about your company?

The documentary only touched on a small part of a very complex and interesting subject.  This was a story with lots of twists and turns that could not be presented in a 15 minute doc.

A small company trying to establish a brand among giants, another large corporation using bullying tactics to squash it, the question of trademark infringement, the unique power of social media and how it brought a giant to its knees, how one small case created jurisprudence and finally the emotional toll all of it took on Olivia’s Oasis’ founder and her family.

There was much more drama, turmoil and humor that was left unsaid.  I’d love to work with a filmmaker interested in telling the whole story.  It’s a story that inspires people to stand up for their rights and not be afraid to go against all odds.

Visit the Olivia’s Oasis website here.


“Hello Olivia’s Oasis ,

Just a note to tell you that I’m a huge fan of your products. I have tried many creams , lotions, soaps, moisturizers etc … looking to find ‘la crème de la crème’. But I did better than that, I found The Brand … meaning,  all of Olivia’s Oasis products.

This is the first time in over ten years that I have no redness or irritation … . and believe me, I’ve spent a lot of time and money searching! All my family and my friends, even colleagues at work are unanimous.

I wonder if you are planning to make a face cream and a lip balm ? Meanwhile, the body cream works wonders so I use it everywhere, even on my face.

Thanks for making great products!


Marie-Claude Normandin”

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