Presenting Sarasota County Film and Entertainment Office

August 3, 2016

What is your film commission’s mission?

To attract and serve, with our entire scope of capabilities in Sarasota County Florida, the gamut of global, national, statewide, regional and local omnimedia productions in stages from concept to completion, including film, television, digital, web, experimental and developmental genres.

What makes your film commission unique?

We provide an UP-TO-100% CASH REBATE INCENTIVE PROGRAM that is the only one of its kind in Florida.

What are some perks to filming in your location?

In addition to our unique cash rebate program, we offer diverse locations across 570 square miles including 3 cities, 1 town, 5 barrier keys, 2 unincorporated communities, offering urban to rural, islands to jungle, arts & culture from museums, galleries, theaters, orchestras, opera, ballet, to sports encompassing polo, yachting, rowing, baseball, tennis, golf, cricket, bocce, & many other abundant sports,  from circuses & their assets to cowboys and rodeos, mega-mansions & estates to trailer parks & backwoods shacks, etc., PLUS year-round temperate sunny climate, including sunsets into tropical Gulf of Mexico waters across snowy white soft sugar sand beaches, affordable workforce both union and non-union, and much more.

Are there any projects you would like to promote?

Ringing College’s nearly 40,000 SF soundstages/studio facilities is coming on line winter 2016 thru 2017, will serve for-profit commercial projects as well as utilize state of the art tools & resources from award-winning digital filmmaking, animation, motion graphics and other majors’ student & staff talent.

What marketing materials did you submit to the Creativity Awards?

Best Logo

Best Promo Swag

USB Drive ––85293

Tervis Tumbler –

Cell Phone Beach Chair –

Best Ad Design

Beach –

Florida’s Fresh Face ––85293

Anything else you would like the world to know about your film commission?

In a recent article about film commission, we have been referred to as “The Little Engine That Could” because we are so proactive and relentless in pursuit of our goals; because of our commitment and perseverance to serving productions of all kinds to the maximum of our capabilities; AND because whether or not the State of Florida has an incentive program, Sarasota County takes the initiative to forge our own path to benefit clients and their projects with a straight-forward cash rebate program.

Voting for the AFCI Creativity Awards opens Aug 02, 2016 at 8:00am PDT (America/Los Angeles) and closes Aug 19, 2016 at 8:00pm PDT (America/Los Angeles.)

You can vote for as many creatives as you like once a day for the duration of the contest!

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